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Your Quick Guide to African Print Fabrics


There is no doubt that African print fabrics have stimulated the fashion senses of people across the world. Many well-known fashion designers have started using popular African prints in their new designs.

The striking colors, handmade quality, and unique creative designs of African print fabrics and textiles have made them a most sought-after thing in the fashion industry.

Africa has always remained an excellent source of exquisite fabrics and textiles. The diverse climatic conditions of Africa have always supported the production of a plethora of raw materials to make different types of fabrics.

Over the years, the popularity of African textiles has grown exponentially. The technological advances in textile production technology have made making high quality durable, and comfortable fabrics easier than ever.

All About African Print Fabrics

Africa has a rich and varied history of textile production. Fabrics hold a special place in the lives and traditions of many traditional and indigenous communities of Africa. The perfect examples of African textile patterns and techniques include adinkra cloth, kente cloth, bogolanfini, and adire cloth.

Africa consists of more than 50 countries, each with its own unique culture, offering an endless variety of textiles. Every region has its own culture and style that reflects in its textiles.

Traditional African wax print designs are made from cotton using the wax-resist dyeing technique. African communities use natural substances such as cotton, raffia, bast, and tree bark to make textiles. Some tribes make textiles using wool and silk.

The designs on the fabric are created using stencils or stamps, and images are painted using tools. Many textile techniques also include weaving and dyeing or painting and stamping. Each design and print has its own significance. Each motif and pattern reflect their rich cultural heritage and tells the story from the past.

Some Interesting Facts About African Print Fabrics

African print fabrics have gone through several changes throughout the years. You can find a variety of styles and designs in the African print fabric. Many online stores offer African print dresses, including floral prints, animal prints, tribal print African fabric, and geometric shapes.

African print fabrics are used for a wide range of purposes. You can use them as an apron while cooking or doing other chores in your kitchen. For centuries, African women have used them to carry their babies on their backs. It is used to make modern clothing and home decor items, like table cloth, cushions, quilts, etc.

African print fabrics require following some washing instructions. African prints can be washed using your hands, or you can wash them in the machine using water. Make sure to use mild washing powder and ‘hand wash’ option. Avoid drying garments under intense sunlight, as it may break down the dyes used on fabrics.

Gone were the days when finding popular African textile-like Bazin fabric in New York was tricky. Thankfully, the internet has made it easy by providing access to many reputed online African fabric wholesalers.

All you have to do is order them from an online store, and your favorite African print fabric will be delivered to your doorstep.

Top Three Ways to Make African Print

Ankara Wax Print Fabric: Ankara wax print fabric is made from 100% cotton using a wax-resist dyeing technique, an ancient art form that was invented in Indonesia. The process involves transferring wax patterns onto the fabric, then adding dyes bit by bit.

Bogolan (Mud Cloth): Bogolan (mud cloth) is handmade Malian cotton fabric that is naturally dyed with leaves, branches, and fermented mud. It is commonly used for clothing, upholstery, pillows, home décor, crafts, and more!

Kente: Kente is a Ghanaian strip woven textile that is known for stunning, colorful fabrics and bold designs. The finely woven fabric has been worn by the elite of Ghanaian societies for special occasions.

The Bottom Line

African fashion has come a long way and witnessed a growing acceptance across the world. African fashion is the beautiful blend of African print fabrics such as Ankara, Kente, Kitenge, etc. Bold patterns and unique designs of the African textile are the perfect examples of skilled artistry as they make people feel like they are part of something.


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