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Your guide to nailing the best Pre-Fall collection in Indiana


For everything, there is a season. It applies to the fashion industry just as much as anything else in life. Fashion can be divided into seasons which sometimes may be tough to keep up with. If you want a little more insight into when fashion seasons start, keep reading the post.

Fashion can be split into four seasons. These seasons are Fall/Winter, Resort, Spring/Summer, and Pre-Fall. The two major seasons, however, are Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Spring/Summer begins in January and ends around June, and Fall/Winter stays from July to December.

Resort fashion collections overlap the first two seasons and are introduced around late October through December. The MELI Pre-Fall Perception Los Angeles collection appears in stores a bit before Fall/Winter collections come in.

Why do people have confusion?

If you’ve been following the fashion calendar and the more prominent debates surrounding it this past year, you’ve most likely gathered one thing: the fashion system, as it stands, is confusing. In January, the weather is still cold, so you may be wondering why Spring/Summer collections would be for sale in stores. Well, that’s because fashion’s retail calendar is a lot different than the traditional calendars.

Retailers usually start selling Fall collections early in their stores. When a new season comes in, you may notice the prior season’s style will generally go on sale. That is because all of these tactics are used to maximize sales.

The MELI Pre-Fall Perception Indiana and other collections are shown early for a variety of reasons. Retail buyers need time to inspect collections and decide which pieces they want to pick up. In turn, designers will need time to prepare those styles.

Various fashion magazines also need to pick up samples for a photograph for issues to go to print in enough time. Therefore, clothes need to be shown a few months earlier than they hit retail stores.

How to nail looks in the MELI Pre-Fall Perception collection?

With the arrival of summer and new trends, you don’t have to wait long to snag your favorite pieces. Usually, Pre-Fall trends skew towards transitional pieces, bridging the gap between the warmer and colder seasons. Over the years, Pre-fall trends have carved out a niche that is rooted in practicality and versatility.

Many gorgeous collections have been presented across the globe by top fashion houses, and some of them have introduced theatrical trends like baggy dresses over pants and pleated jeans. Here are five styles from the MELI Pre-Fall Perception collection that you can style like a pro with your other pieces:

1.MELI Camo Puffer Coat

The MELI Camo Puffer Coat gets its name from its multicam alpine pattern and its nylon insulated padding, which keeps you feeling warm and cozy. Pair it with a sweatsuit or jeans and a sweatshirt depending on your feeling and destination.

2.MELI Varsity jacket

Varsity jackets have been around for a long time but were rarely considered fashion items. Yet, these jackets have been the most popular type of outerwear in the last few decades. With a modern spin, these jackets can complement both casual and formal looks. Available in different styles, cuts, and colors, these are must-have items for all fashion-forward people. Explore the MELI Varsity jacket as it contains a wool/nylon melton body, genuine leather sleeves, and is lined with satin.

3.Patterned Pants

For all those who love fashion, especially women, pants are an essential part of the attire. They can ultimately make or break a look and change a casual look to formal in no time. Therefore, patterned pants, such as the MELI Snake Print Pant or Jacquard Jogger, are a great addition to your wardrobe. You may wear them with a variety of tops, yet keep it simple and stylish.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of the MELI Perception collection, you may want to further explore it yourself. It is flattering for both men and women and indeed a stylish upgrade for this season!


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