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You can Conquer Emotional Frustration caused by Social Isolation by reading books!


The pandemic has cast a dark spell on the globe. No family has not been affected by the pandemic either directly or indirectly. In a situation like this, raising your energy levels by reading books that help you walk through this phase successfully. Dr. Mario O. Laplume and his website that offer profound insights into dealing with emotions constructively is a must-stop for whoever wants to feel peaceful during this stage.

It is not unnatural to be subjected to Emotional Frustration during social isolation. It is really hard for us to deal with loneliness, the social butterflies we used to be. But the Pandemic also taught us a valuable lesson that nothing is permanent, and we need to understand this philosophy that sustains almost every aspect of our lives.

Emotional Frustration during Social Isolation could be of different quality and texture considering men and women. For men, it could be more owing to their restricted movement. And in women, it is because of increased responsibilities and work tension. According to Dr. Mario O. Laplume, the Emotional Frustration caused during social isolation is manageable and treatable. A treatise of information on this is available on his treasury-like website.

Emotional frustration is a wonderful book, and it can be procured in New York. The first chapter of Emotional Frustration (that you can buy in Miami and New York) deals with the basic difference in the construct of masculine and feminine beings. This chapter offers you profound insight into understanding this basic difference between the two sexes. Until and unless we understand this difference, nothing much can be understood.

The book’s third chapter deals with the unpalatable aftermath of the lockdown that has raised the statistics of suicide, homicide, domestic violence, and many more.

Chapter four deals with the effect of the internet on the overall constitution of women.  There has been an unprecedented rise in online transactions during the pandemic phase. The author of the book Emotional Frustration (that could be bought in Miami and New York) dissects the fundamental error of such a thing in the lives of human beings.

Chapter five deals with the economic empowerment of women and how it has altered the socio-economic status of society by large. The book also discusses the dating preferences of younger women during these times.

Chapter six deals with ingrained modesty in women that makes them less aggressive during negotiations and settlements, either personal or professional.

Chapter seven discusses ideologies of distinguished writers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Frantz Fanon, and many more. In this chapter, issues like Poverty, Aporophia, and Double Entanglement are discussed.

Emotional Frustration is unavoidable and is always there in some form or the other. But when you read literature associated with it, you feel that it is not unmanageable. You can purchase copies of ‘Emotional Frustration’ in Miami and New York right away and start reading.


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