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Wire-O Bookbinding Solutions Canada


Wire-O Bound books are a top choice for formal organized, and professional presentations of information. It has some similar features to spiral binding, like the flexible spine which allows the pages to turn 360 degrees, without folding or damaging the spine. However, wire-o is less durable than spiral binding. It features a looped metal wire, which is more easily formed than the plastic alternative. This professional-looking wire makes it great for fine art photography calendars as well as business reports, documents, cookbooks, or directories. Hire the services of the best wire o bookbinding solutions in Canada for a good quality job.

Wire-O binding, also known as wire comb, or twin-loop binding, or double loop binding features single sheets of paper that are printed on both sides, and cut down to the preferred size, and collated in page number order. The wire is a pre-formed pair of two small loops of wire that run along a c-shaped spine that looks like a comb. The wire passes in and out through the square holes that have been punched into a side of the pages and cover. This arrangement allows the cover and pages to line up precisely and in the proper place. These wire loops have a closer that squeezes around the spine until the pages and cover are tightly secured. The binding is usually placed on the left, but it can also be done at the top if you want a unique look.

Unlike plastic coils, Wire-O does not come in multiple colors but has a standard black color for all sizes. Also, it isn’t the best option for a higher page count, and will not walk well with covers that are up to 1 ¼ thick.

Wire-O binding is good for reports and directories because they make reading fun. The flexible spine and high-quality metal-binding allow it to lay flat and make it easy to turn each page. This binding technique guarantees an enjoyable reading experience, unlike other techniques that cause stiffness.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the Wire-O binding technique:

  • The Double loop metal coils allow you to turn the pages 360 degrees and lay the book completely flat, for a comfortable reading experience.
  • This method does not accommodate higher page counts. It is best for projects that that are only a few pages or up to 200 pages maximum.
  • You do not have to worry about the pages falling off or your project losing its form anytime soon, as wire coils are more durable than plastic coils used in spiral-bound booklets.
  • Black is the standard color for this metal binding, and it gives your work a sleek, professional appearance—making it a favorite for presentations, manuals, workbooks, reports, and other organized projects.
  • Although there isn’t a myriad of colors to choose from, Wire-O binding offers a broad selection of paper types, coating, and sizing options to fit your specific needs.
  • For the best job, do not hesitate to employ the services of the best wire o binding services in Canada.

Another innovative and unique bookbinding solution for books is board books. This is an ideal technique to that showcase panoramic and landscape images because it gives you lay-flat pages with uninterrupted images across the spine.

Board books are made with thick and top-quality material, which makes them popular among children’s books. It is very durable and is your go-to if you are looking for products that are strong yet safe for children to use. Every moment knows that toddlers tend to be less gentle with books. Board books are the perfect fit for that. You may think that hardcover binding should be ideal for children as well, but the main difference between the two is that hardcovers only protect the outer of the book. Children can easily rip and tear the inner pages leaving the hardcover intact but the pages destroyed. With board books, the outer and inner pages are made with the same thick and durable material, which means that can withstand all of your baby’s chomping, tossing, tearing, and more.

The material for board books also allows vibrant texts and graphic printing. They also come in several formats, like the lift the flap and touch and feel. These unique features can help kids in developing fine motor skills and engages them on a multi-sensory level.

Are you working on a children’s book or project? Look no further than board bookbinding. Employ the services of the best book board binding Canada for the best results.


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