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Why shouldn’t you bathe in hard water?


Did you know hard water can damage your hair and skin? Are you fed up with the horrible brownish stains that the hard water causes on the bathroom walls and bath fittings? So, remove Chlorine and other contaminants quickly and easily from bathwater with the best bath ball filter available online.

Signs of hard water

To understand what kind of water runs from the tap, pay attention to household items in contact with water:

  • White stains are visible on the clothes after washing.
  • Detergents foam poorly and require additional consumption.
  • Vegetables are stewed for a long time, and the meat remains tough after several hours of cooking.

Disadvantages of hard water:

  • The consumption of dishwashing detergents increases as the soap will not foam and will not wash away dirt well.
  • Stains and salt deposits can remain on plumbing fixtures and utensils. It is difficult to wash off the dishes, and plumbing begins to deteriorate faster.
  • Clothes and other things washed in such water lose their brightness. Stains may appear on them. It will be difficult to remove them. The fabric itself becomes coarser, tougher, and loses strength.
  • In heat transfer pipes, scale settles in a thick layer, thereby reducing the supply of warm water to the batteries.
  • When using hard water, skin problems appear: it dries out, its natural defense mechanisms weaken, and inflammation, rash, irritation, and redness appear. This is often due to a soapy residue that forms on the skin’s surface and clogs the pores.
  • Hair and scalp suffer: dryness, itching, dandruff often appear, hair becomes dull, does not wash well, and may begin to fall out. This is because the soap film settles on the scalp and hair and is difficult to wash off.
  • The constant use of water with magnesium and calcium leads to atherosclerosis due to vascular obstruction.
  • Magnesium salts, when ingested excessively, impair the functioning of the nervous and cardiac systems.
  • The skin of babies is especially sensitive to the harmful effects of hard water. Bathing a child in such water often causes them to develop atopic dermatitis (eczema) as the water breaks the skin’s natural barrier, dries it out, and opens the way for allergens, bacteria, and viruses. First of all, newborns under three months are at risk – their risk of eczema rises to 90%.
  • Food takes a lot of time to cook in water rich in salts. As a result, food will not be assimilated by the body normally, protein will not be absorbed, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract may appear.
  • In water with an excess of salts, drinks and dishes turn out to be tasteless.
  • Water with magnesium and calcium harms pets – the appearance of urolithiasis is possible. If cats and dogs are frequently washed in such water, the skin and coat condition will deteriorate.

So, these are the disadvantages of hard water. To avoid these, you can buy the best quality bath ball filter. If you want to enjoy having a lovely soak in the bath but are concerned about inhaling all the toxic chemical fumes released from hot bath water, you will be delighted with this bath ball filter. This high-quality bath filter works superbly to remove Chlorine and other contaminants from your bathwater.

How is a Bath Ball Filter useful?

In addition to the positive effect on human health, filtered water has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin and hair. Taking a shower with plain water, you risk encountering such unpleasant manifestations as redness of the eyes, dry dermis, and brittle hair. Installing the best bath ball filter online will help to avoid all this.

It softens the hair, making it manageable and easy to comb. The filter is especially useful for colored hair, which gets an incredible shine after washing with purified water. Therefore, there will be no need to spend money on purchasing expensive care products because filtration will work for them.


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