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Why should you buy rustic fireplace mantels made from barn woods?


Depleting the country’s forest cover is the cause of serious concern; it even gets worse when you will come to know that only 6% of the cover is remaining. As the population is increasing, so is the demand for wood to fulfill the public’s needs. Thus, being responsible citizens, it is your duty to preserve the environment of the country. But it is a difficult task, as your needs are also important to fulfill.

But you can save the environment and at the same time get the wood for your fireplace mantel. You can do so by searching the company that brings you reclaimed antique timbers from old barns. Thus, using barn wood, you can get yourself a rustic fireplace mantel.

How is the wood for your rustic fireplace mantel extracted?

There are many tree-loving companies in your city that take your needs and the degrading environment seriously. Thus, they bring you antique woods extracted directly from the aging barns, churches, factories that are abandoned and beyond repair.

The buildings came up into existence during the industrial revolution in the 19th century; hence the barn woods are extracted, refined, sculpted, grinded, and polished. Then after the complete refining process, they are made available for you. You can buy the barn woods from these companies and make your rustic fireplace mantel.

Special features of Mantels made using barn wood.

Do you know which tree was used to get the woods for building barns, churches, and factories in the 19th century? Longleaf pine trees were used in making the buildings in the 19th century. The reason was they were found to be a natural repellent to insects, termites, mold, etc., and hence the building structure remained strong and durable.

Thus, when you get barn woods for your rustic fire place mantel, you ensure a long life for your mantel. Since they were under extreme conditions and open-air aging for the last 200 years thus, they carry less moisture with them and have high density.

They are rich in hues which means the barn wood mantels will match with the color of your home and make it a beautiful place. Don’t limit the barn wood to make mantels only; you can utilize it in decorating your home. You can also use them in the flooring or furniture sets for your home.

Due to less moisture content, you can easily cut the barn wood into wider planks when compared to freshly obtained lumber from forests. The rustic fireplace mantels made from barn woods clean up very easily.

Since they have experienced varying levels of moisture for years thus, they become the best piece to be used with radiant heating systems. To sum up, barn wood mantels carry durability, sustainability, strength, and stability with them.

Who is the best seller of barn wood for rustic fireplace mantels?

In the market, you can find many companies that claim to be the top barn wood companies, but you need to be careful when selecting any of them. Keep the following points in mind before buying barn wood mantel from any company –

There is a rising demand for the rustic fireplace mantel; hence to fulfill the demand-supply gap, many bogus companies have started selling fresh timbers claiming it to be old barn wood for mantels.

Remain aware of such companies; you can avoid them by comparing the price of different companies; the one selling the timber at too low cost is selling you fake wood. The reason is the processing of the reclaimed timbers makes them high in cost, which is not the case with fresh timbers.

Besides this, you can go to the website of your barn wood mantel company. You can search what they have for you. Once satisfied, you can also read the testimonials of customers who earlier bought the company’s reclaimed timber.

If you find that the barn wood of that company has benefited earlier customers, you can choose them as your barn wood provider for rustic fireplace mantels. Note their contact details and clear any doubt if you have before buying.

You can also read the testimonials of customers who have earlier purchase old wood from that industry. If the reviews about the company services are as per your expectations, you can buy the timber from that industry.


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