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Why are shooters advised to add a Lightweight AR 15 Grip to their weapon?


We all know that AR-style rifles are incredibly popular. The AR, named for the Armalite rifle, is famous for its versatility. Available with a host of handguard rails, grips, sights, and other tactical options and barrels are ranging from .22 to .308 and beyond. Virtually no two ARs that come off the assembly line together will look anything the same to each other within a few short months after purchase. That is because of the accessories available to customize the AR.

AR-15 is wonderful all on its own, and yet, you can modify, change and upgrade it as you see fit. One of the most popular ways people do so is by adding a Skeletonized or Lightweight AR 15 Grip, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Consistency in your form

What is a single most valuable characteristic of a good shooter? Is it the accessories and tactical optics they have accumulated? Is it the quality of their weapon? No. It’s consistency.

You have probably heard, “Practice makes perfect,” but practicing doing something wrong won’t help you achieve perfection. A quality Aluminum AR Grip on your AR allows for a consistent and permanent reference point. So, you can assume as close to an identical stance and grip as possible every time you shoot your rifle, allowing you to practice “perfectly” so you can perform well when it matters.

  1. Increased control

Regardless of the style of Lightweight AR 15 Grip that you choose to go with — vertical or angled, you will get an increased amount of control over the weapon. Supporting and holding a barrel without a grip is just fine, but it may leave you to deal with vertical recoil, which can be a problem when you are shooting rounds fast.

By introducing a second point of contact below the rail on the upper receiver, a grip also lowers the off-hand shoulder, reducing the tension in the arm and shoulder, allowing the shooter to maintain the steady position of the AR for a longer time.

  1. Increased accuracy

Since you can practice shooting with form and grip consistency when you use a lightweight Skeletonized AR Grip, you’ll begin to see an increase in your accuracy as you spend more time shooting with your new grip.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little frustrated by adding a grip here and there during the first couple of days of your shooting sessions. Your grip has changed, and you have added a small amount of weight to the front of the AR. Allow yourself an adjustment period.

Once that is done, though, you’ll notice that you can more easily create tight groupings and successfully drive the gun as you transition between targets.

  1. Versatility for real-life action

Although we wish you never find yourself in such a situation, the reality is that Aluminum AR Grips provides some pretty tactical solid advantages in real-life applications, especially if you find yourself in tight quarters.

AR grips give you much greater control of your AR. It means that a muzzle strike to incapacitate or neutralize, instead of eliminating, a target wields more power and is more likely to be successful.

  1. Improved aesthetics

While this one might not quite fit into the performance-based reasons that make up the rest of the list, you can’t forget about the aesthetic qualities of many available Lightweight AR 15 Grip. A grip immediately adds a sense of tactical sleekness to an AR and improves its aesthetic appeal.

Wrapping up

These are the five reasons that made using an AR grip highly essential for accuracy and comfort in the shooting. Now that you know them consider buying a quality Lightweight AR 15 Grip and improve your shooting capabilities like a pro.

However, note that many different AR grips are available in the market, such as horizontal, vertical, and stop. So, constantly research well and choose one best suited to your shooting needs.




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