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Which is the Best Car Subwoofers and Amp Package?


Boredom gets the better of us sometimes as we speed towards our destination, and there’s nothing on the car radio but bands that you argued with your Dad about. The Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Rolling Stones, Elvis, and many more are just golden oldies for young people of your generation! You are more into ‘sound’ than lyrics and honey-dripping vocals. The only Led Zepplin track you can enjoy is the drum instrumental called ‘Bonzo’s Montreaux.’ Live music for you is overrated unless it’s a local DJ or a turntablist competition. Luckily you abstain from drinking alcohol. Otherwise, without some cool tracks, you would fall asleep at the wheel. You recently recommended a friend to buy car subwoofers and amp package to ensure they stay awake driving home after clubbing without a designated driver! It’s done wonders, and they’re now addicted to Talking Heads and The Chemical Brothers at high volume without a drink passing their lips!

Looking at your sound equipment at home, no one would imagine you find so many musicians boring and consider their sound prehistoric! You’ve connected your Sony D250 Discman to a state-of -the-art Yamaha amplifier and use Bose speakers for the tracks you play while awake. Sometimes you like to blame people’s taste in music on drugs like LSD, making everything seem profound because someone gave a new album a good review! You like dancing and would have made disc jockeying your career if you hadn’t studied art at Parsons.

Currently, you were spending time on car magazines until you finally decided on a brand and model suitable for your budget as well as daily logistics requirements. Now your need is the best car subwoofer and amp package money can buy. You’ve seen reviews about all the major brands and remain unimpressed. Finally, you find an OEM website with webpage after webpage of information on their equipment, ranging from wiring to amplifiers and a plethora of speakers for everyone and especially those obsessed with car audio sound. Considering the kind of music that you like playing, you need to peruse their range of car subwoofers and amp packages. You might add tweeters later, but for now, you decide to opt for bass that thumps and an amplifier that is future-proof.

Car subwoofers and amp packages that rock the bass!

Until about two decades ago, most stores selling commercial audio equipment to consumers had demo rooms made from glass to review different options from European, Japanese, and US brands. Whether you needed a graphic equalizer and amplifier or CD player, you could sit inside the room and listen to music played at high volume until you found the optimal choice for your needs. Those that experienced these demonstrations inside a soundproof room will understand a little better the privacy of listening to your car audio with a subwoofer and amp package at eighty percent volume. Initially, you keep expecting someone to pull up and say something nasty.Then you realize they can’t hear what you’re playing with the windows up.

As someone interested in sound, you don’t find the necessity for a set of tweeters in the short term, which creates piercing treble and makes any pop track sound superb. Instead, you decide to buy a car subwoofers and amp package to ensure the bass sound is not diluted and shallow. You are introduced to a new level of sound and mixing when you play your collection of techno and trance from the nineties. You add a couple of Del The Funky Homosapien tracks in the mix from ‘No Need For Alarm’ for just a little variety, and the difference is noticeable. Just the way Tweeters are for treble; subwoofers are for juicing up the bass sound. For best results, they should be installed inside a speaker box which will improve the sound manifold and keep them safe from movement as well as overheating. Many OEMs are product-centric and concentrate on sound quality and ignore the aesthetics of car subwoofers and amps to make it more profitable. CT Sounds carefully scans its customer base to create customer-centric products that match expectations and often exceed them considering their budget-friendly equipment.


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