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Where Will You Find The Best Colored Cake Boards for Sale?


Over the past few years, colored cake boards have been among the brightest choices for cake support. Apart from providing support to the cake in question, it beautifies and makes it more attractive. From left, right, and center, you would see everyone wanting a piece of the cake.

Ideally, making a colored base for cakes was a bit of a challenge; it was also expensive. It would require you to cover the board in colored sugar paste for some hours before designing the desired style and then placing the cake on it. Today, you don’t have to worry about that DIY method anymore because brands offer colored cake boards for sale.

Where to Buy Cake Boards with Colors?

Saving yourself from the stress of having to design a cake-colored board is one thing you should often consider. Most of the time, bakers are not interested in waiting for hours before the board becomes ready to use; instead, they go for alternative options. The alternative doesn’t mean the design changed, only that they are pre-made for easy use.

Freshboard produces some of the best colored cake boards; it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you tried them out. Their boards are made of high-density corrugated plastic, which is FDA-approved for use. It is also recyclable, which means you could use it on more than one occasion; thus, it helps you save money.

Many cake boards are not a good option because they lack some essential features that would aid usability. For instance, some of them absorb grease that would destroy the board’s quality. In other cases, they are not moisture-proof; thus, they could swell during refrigeration and destroy the shelf life. However, with Freshboard’s cake boards, you shouldn’t expect anything less than the extraordinary.

If you would like to patronize the brand for their colored boards, all you have to do is visit their website and place an order for a size you would love to use.

What are the Different Shapes of Freshboard’s Colored Cake Boards?

If you ever decide to buy colored cake boards from Freshboard, you must also take time to know what shape you’d be interested in. Usually, there are three shapes on the brand’s website.

Round Colored Board: It is an ideal choice for round birthday or celebration cakes. This board is also perfect as a backdrop for themed cakes; no wonder it is the most often-used cake board shape. Furthermore, it comes in different colors while providing a sturdy base for different cake varieties, including sponge and fruit cakes.

Square Colored Board: A Square colored board is an option you should go for if the cake is a little bit wide. It also provides the moderate support a cake needs. This board is available in various color options, as well.

Rectangle Colored Board: Another more extensive choice of colored boards for cakes is the Rectangle colored board. It offers more space so that you can place large cakes, especially wedding cakes, over them, without falling.  It is also available in different colors that will match the cake’s design.


Finding colored cake boards for sale shouldn’t be a problem from here because the best brand in the business has been introduced to you. Freshboard provides these boards in different styles and shapes, so you could always have something to pick eventually. Go for this alternative option, and you would be improving your cake’s quality.


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