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What You Should Know About Electric Bike Types


Are you excited to buy an e-bike? Do you want to have eco-friendly transportation with an electric bicycle? You have made the right decision. But before buying one for you, you should know what will match your lifestyle best. Therefore, before you choose an e-bike, you should be familiar with the different types of electric bicycles available in the market.

This article will walk you through different e-bikes, like e-bikes with a removable battery. After all, there is a range of e-bikes that come in different designs, motor systems, and battery configurations. Once you know about different styles and types of bikes, you will be able to choose the right one for you. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Different Classes of E-bikes:

  • Class 1: Pedal Assist/Pedelec

Pedal-assist or pedelec is the most common e-bike that is very popular. If one purchases this bike, they need to use pedals to use the bike. The electric motor included in the bike provides assistance by increasing the power of the rear wheel. If you purchase this bike, such as e-bikes with hydraulic brakes, you should know that you don’t need to put more effect in pedaling as you usually do. You can use high gear for hassle-free climbing over steep hills. You can ride this bike on most roads and paths. You may not need to use any additional license for riding.

  • Class 2: Throttle

Class 2 electric bikes such as e-bikes with removable batteries are like motorcycles or scooters. For example, if you buy an e-bike made with a throttle, you will not need to use pedaling to ride the bike. That means you don’t need to give any assistance from your end. Most bikes are designed to provide a great amount of power based on how far the throttle is pushed. Throttle-operated bikes are not popular like pedal assist. Even these bikes are prohibited in some countries.

  • Class 3: Speed Pedelec

The class 3 e-bikes are almost similar to a standard pedelec. Unlike others, this bike is designed to work at a high speed of 45 kph or 28mph. In some states, this bike is considered a motor vehicle, and so one needs to have a license in order to ride it.

These are the popular classes of e-bikes you will want to know. You can also find e-bikes with hydraulic brakes. 

Hub Motors vs. Mid-Drive

An electric motor works as the heart of any electric bike. The motor is mainly located in two places: the frame’s center and one of the hubs. After all, it is on the location of the drive unit how the bike will be operated. Let’s learn more about e-bike like e-bikes with removable batteries.

  • Front Hub Motor

The front hub motor comes in the simplest design and is limited in capability. After all, these motors are usually used in throttle-operated bikes to provide assistance while riding. Exceptions are always there. A folding e-bike works with a front hub motor and pedal assist. This motor can also have problems with traction as the primary weight on a bicycle is over the rear wheel.

  • Rear Hub Motor

Both throttle and pedelec-based e-bikes can come with a rear hub motor. These motors can also be retro-fitted to non-folding bike frames. In addition to it, rear bub motors don’t require more cost in production. These motors look like an oversized traditional bike hub.

  • Mid-Drive Motor

As the name says, e-bikes such as e-bikes with hydraulic brakes combine these motors in the center of the frame. These motors are integrated with the bottom bracket and cranks. While the motor can be activated by pedaling, an electric bike made with the mid-drive motor will have a pedelec.


E-bikes come with rechargeable batteries to get the required power. For this reason, modern e-bikes are made with lithium-ion batteries that are composed of several cells. With the technological advancements, the batteries have started becoming lighter, smaller, and more powerful. After all, you should know that batteries are the primary source of weight on an electric bike.

That’s all. While the basic information has been included in this guide about e-bikes types, you can understand which one is right for you.


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