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What Should You Know Before Planning a Corporate Photoshoot in Los Angeles


An increasing number of professionals and businesses are opting for corporate photoshoots in Los Angeles and other places to enhance brand images. Organizing such a photoshoot can be quite tricky and can even take months.

But if you know certain things, you can smoothly plan creative corporate headshots in Los Angeles. Want to know what those things are? Find them below:

Task Allocation

Before planning a photoshoot, you should assign tasks to managers and fix a deadline. To proceed easily, you need to decide who manages what, shot requirements, and frame content.

creative corporate headshots

Find out various corporate photography rates in Los Angeles and then hire an art director/marketing manager to conduct the shoot. Make sure everything goes as planned.

Setting Objectives

To prevent any complications during the photoshoot, you need to set clear objectives suited to your brand image. Think if you would use photographs for your website, social media platforms, emails, press releases, magazines, banners, and booklets.

Consider the type and orientation of photos that you need. Once you decide the location of an environmental portrait photoshoot in Los Angeles, you can plan the background, lighting, and equipment accordingly.

By looking at the photos, people tend to have opinions about your brand. So, ask yourself the kind of opinion you would like them to have on your business. The better your photos are, the higher value your brand displays.

Idea Presentation

Identify and share your ideas regarding creative corporate headshots in Los Angeles. Interacting with them always speeds up the corporate photoshoot process. Share your shooting plan, so they get an idea about your preferences regarding equipment, timing, team size, and other relevant things.

You can take the photographer to visit the chosen location to click certain photos and decide the extra equipment to be used for the photoshoot. Tell them when you want the edited pictures, the total number of required photos, if you want to see and shortlist the original pictures and if you want to retouch your face or body.

Time Management

You need to smartly manage your time for the successful completion of a corporate photoshoot. To get your portraits ready by a specific date, schedule the shoot beforehand.

The photographer should have sufficient time to edit photos. So, schedule your shoot early in the morning, approximately an hour after starting your business day.


You should create a proper schedule, including buffer time, in your project, so you don’t experience any sort of issues or delays. Allocate time for setting up equipment and breaking it down. Inform your photography team about the shoot duration, location, and wardrobe. If you do that, professionals can notify you immediately whenever they face any complications.

Make sure you have another plan for dates or locations if the weather deteriorates during an environmental portrait photoshoot in Los Angeles. You need to have a shoot in a location that prevents complications related to construction, landscaping, and cleaning that can disturb the work.


You should prepare a list including props, wardrobe, participants, locations, and entire scenes. Think about the required props and details such as chairs, laptops, and desk supplies. Don’t forget to take printed copies to the photoshoot.


Send a reminder to the team about the upcoming corporate photoshoot beforehand. Notify them about the schedule, elaborate the shoot elements and highlight the importance of timely output.

Specify the outfits or props that you want the subjects to wear. Share with them the contact details of a person whom they can talk to if an issue occurs.

Contract Settlement

As no one can predict unforeseen circumstances, you should get into a contract with a professional photographer. With the availability of many contract samples online, you can easily download and edit your requirements accordingly.

Dressing Up

Costumes affect the quality of photos you shoot. So, you should ensure the clothes suit the location and other elements. For official business portraits, you should go for classic, conservative and subtle costumes. The formal outfits should look neat and ironed.

If you ever feel confused regarding outfits, you can always go for simple designs and solid colors. To enhance the solid-colored outfits, you can pick a patterned scarf or tie.

The Bottom Line

So, these are important things that you needed to know before planning creative corporate headshots in Los Angeles. If you can follow the tips mentioned above, you will get the best photos.


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