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What is Yoga?


Yoga exercises or various exercises comprise different poses paired with some breathing techniques and meditation principles. Chairs, blankets, straps, blocks, etc., are used to get the best out of the exercise. There is no best yoga since they are all designed to meet some specific need. Therefore, the best yoga will depend on what you want and need.

Benefits of yoga

There are various benefits to practicing yoga. It is highly recommended at many medical centers. Every session is designed to relax the participants, and this is a health boost.Some of the benefits include;

1. It relieves stress and anxiety
Yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety. The aim of yoga is for participants to find the center of calm and peace in the universe. This means that its participants are focused on a higher climb and should not be disturbed by worldly woes. Frequent practice of yoga also relieves depression and depressing moods.

2. Reduces body pain

Weekly classes can relieve symptoms of body pain. People suffering from low back pain will also find helpful yoga. The intense stretching helps to relieve the pain.

3. It strengthens the bones

Various research has shown that yoga students have an improved bone structure and density in their spine and hips.

4. It improves balance

It also helps to improve body balance. Body coordination is further improved with the constant practice of yoga exercises.

5. It improves the cognitive functions of the brain

Yoga helps to improve the cognitive functions of the brain. Participants can retain more things and handle complex tasks mentally.

People who shouldn’t practice yoga.

You can practice kundalini yoga online. However, it is only as safe as you make it. When exercising, you should only do what you are comfortable with and never bite more than you can chew. Safety is crucial in yoga. However, some people should steer clear of yoga. Though with guidance from their medical advisor, they may practice a little. However, it must be with much care. These are;

1. Those who are suffering from breathing problems, such as asthma
2. Those who suffer from joint pain
3. People that are suffering from an injury
4. Those who are pregnant
5. Those that have balance problems

They must avoid the exercise not to aggravate their medical problems. While yoga can be a healing balm to some of these problems, it must be practiced with care.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga has always been a meditation practice—an activity to connect the body and the soul. It allows you to understand your body and yourself. You begin to see various things that you overlooked before and then try to change. This is the beauty of yoga. Meditation calms the mind and the body. However, breathing is key to successful meditation. The best kundalini yoga videos are simple to learn and follow

Some types of breathing techniques in yoga

Breathing is key to a successful yoga workout. They help you to stay focusedand relaxed. Perfecting breathing techniques is the first step into meditation. Some breathing techniques in yoga are;

1. Abdominal breathing
It is the most common and basic breathing technique in yoga. It helps to build a healthy and efficient breathing portfolio. To do this, you should:

• Inflate your abdomen and inhale
• Exhale, making sure to empty all air in your abdomen

2. Ujjayi breath

It is also known as the victorious breath. It allows you slow and smoothes your breath flow. That is, it helps you to regulate your breathing as you move between poses. To do this;

• Constrict the muscles in the back of your throat. Breathe in and out while keeping your mouth closed.
• Only you should hear the sound you make while you breathe in and out.

3. Interval breathing

This breathing technique helps you to learn how to control your breath. You have to hold and pause your breath during exhalation or inhalation. To do this, you should;

• Inhale fully
• Release a bit of the inhaled breath
• Pause a bit
• Release another bit
• Pause
• Release the rest
• Go over it again.

You can also practice interrupting your breathing with exhalation.
You can follow kundalini yoga or other types of yoga online. Yoga is peaceful, so enjoy your ascension to universal harmony.



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