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What is Social Media Audit?

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One-fourth of the planet is deeply engrossed in Social Media. That’s the truth which has already gained acceptance. Having a robust social media strategy is no longer an option. If you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds, you should have a solid social media strategy in place. To have a strong social media strategy, you should consult with experts in the domain.

There are two things to this. You might already be having a website, but it is not working actively for you. Such a situation audits social media audit and consultation. When you meet with a social media auditor and consultant, you will know the lapses in your existing website. The social media auditor and consultant will tell you ways of refining your website by making it more interactive and user-friendly. She will suggest to you how to make the website content work for you.

For marketing on Social media, you need to understand that Content has to be very focused and targeted. The first two lines of social media marketing messages will either make or break your business. So, Content is the King, as they say. To know how to create successful Content alongside creating interactive web/social media handles, you need to approach very professionally run Social Media Marketing agencies. In Durham, there are such!

Once you understand the nuances and subtleties, you can get your appointment booked with an expert social media marketing consultant in Durham. The consultation offers you a thorough revamp of your existing website or creates a website that works productively and progressively for you.

The social media audit and consultation services primarily involved in the following things:

  1. Create a shareable audit spreadsheet:

It is shareable because the entire team involved in social media auditing needs to have access to it. The track sheet allows you to see the movement of your business month after month and year after year. The spreadsheet has the following details:

  1. Your business profile name and the URL
  2. Statistical analysis of engagement (with the client), publishing marketing images, content, and information related to channel-specific data.
  3. Geographical and client specifications
  4. Information about targeted traffic (Referral Traffic)

    2. Consistency:

You must keep in touch with your targeted clientele consistently across social media platforms. There are many media platforms available for you to talk about your business. You need to stay engaged with your clients across the media honestly and consistently. The tonality of marketing content for a specific social media platform differs. For instance, Facebook caters to different needs. Instagram and Twitter have their regulation in terms of word limit and other image specifications. So, until and unless you know these regulations and act accordingly, you will not be able to generate a sustainable sales drive. For targeted regional sales drive ‘Twitter’ is the best!

  1. Content Quality:

Nothing is unattainable with research and dedication. To become astoundingly successful on social media, you need to develop high-quality images and content. Without this quintessential stuff, not much can be obtained. Customers stay engaged only when they feel that the Content and images you are showing them are genuine. A trust for your brand is born by doing so. You need to share images that are genuine and close to life.

Also, you need to change the Content and images time and again. If your marketing world looks stale, then the chances are rare for it to thrive and flourish.

  1. Review:

If certain content and marketing strategies worked for you, then you need to research more on that campaign. What touched the audience is of great purport. Analytics will help you see how your ad campaign performed, but it is more than this. Google Analytics will help you know about the referral traffic details. Facebook, too, helps you with insights. So, you can always stay inspired and create things that truly resonate with your potential clients and drive sales for you.

There are many more exciting aspects of Social Media Marketing that can do wonders for your business. Do consult with a Social Media Marketing agency in Durham to take your business to greater levels.


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