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What is a Solar Generator?

Solar Generator Installation Treasure Valley

A solar generator is an appliance that works alongside solar panels to provide automatic backup power to your building when you need it, like during blackouts. However, it can be confusing to distinguish because there are different types of generators. They differ in style, size, brand, and function.

Generators come in different varieties to meet your needs; we’ll be discussing the types of generators and how they differ from solar generators. You’ll also get some vital information that will help you decide whether or not to get a solar generator. To get your solar generator installation in Treasure Valley properly done, make sure you hire professionals.

Types of Generators

Generators come in three main types; they are more prevalent in residential homes, they include;

Portable Generators: These are portable generators; they can be used on the go. They are usually powered by diesel, gas, propane, or a hybrid of each option. They constitute an engine, alternator, and fuel tank. The main benefit id using a portable generator is that you can take it anywhere with you when you need electricity to power any appliance away from home, whether you’re camping, boating, tailgating, or maintaining social distance at a park.

However, portable generators can also be used as backup power for your home, but the downside of using a portable generator as backup power for your home is that you have to manually turn it one whenever you need to use it, but it’s easy to turn on.

Inverter Generators: These generators have similar core components as portable generators. They are made up of an engine, alternator, and fuel tank, but they are also connected to an inverter. They work similarly to a solar energy system; the inverter changes DC to AC. Inverter generators produce more stable and cleaner energy, and some are portable. An inverter generator can be used as a portable generator, but they are better suited to provide backup power for your home.

Standby Generators: These types of generators are not portable. They are powered by natural gas or propane. Standby generators are installed to automatically come on once there’s a power outage. The generator will detect the power and automatically return to standby mode when the power comes back on. These types of generators require a more complicated setup than a portable or inverter generator. However, you don’t have to manually turn on the generator whenever there is a power outage.

Solar Generator: They are portable but don’t come with coving components. They are made up of solar panels, an inverter, a solar panel battery, and a battery charger. Solar panels produce energy through the sun and store the energy in a battery built into the generator. The inverter converts the energy from DC to AC before releasing the power. After being released, it can power various household devices when you need it most.

How Long Will A Solar Generator Last?

The technology behind solar generators is still new, so there is no definitive answer for the overall lifecycle of a solar generator. However, the general agreement within the solar community is between 25 – 35 years.

If you’re curious about how many hours a solar generator can last, the answer is simple. A solar generator will last for as long as the sun is out or until the battery’s power is drained. If you leave your solar generator in the sun all day, the power will build up in the battery; the generator can last between 1-10 hours depending on the size, the number of appliances you’re powering, and whether you run your solar generator continuously. Depending on its size and quality, a solar generator should be able to power 1000W worth of appliances for one hour at the least. The solar generator has no impact on your immediate environment; they take up little space and only requires access to the sun.

Solar generators have little to no moving parts, making them quiet and eco-friendly. Before having a solar panel system installation in Idaho, ensure you hire a professional to avoid unwarranted issues. Apart from solar generators, you can use solar panel systems for homes in Treasure Valley; they are an eco-friendly option to consider.


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