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What Is a Medical Marijuana Card ?


Medicinal marijuana cards (commonly known as “MMIDs” or “marijuana cards”) allow patients to go into a medical dispensary and buy medicinal marijuana to treat certain illnesses and conditions. Your medical marijuana card is sort of like your identity card, but in this case, it is used for purchasing the marijuana you need for your health (medical marijuana).


Physicians prescribe medical marijuana to patients with specific conditions such as; chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, inflammatory bowel movement, depression, cancer, etc. Medical marijuana has shown tremendous improvement in the conditions of patients who have used it over the years.


Your medical marijuana card is issued to you by the state, but you should be eligible to apply for the card before that. How do you apply for your medical marijuana card? Well, first things, you should meet a medical marijuana doctor in a medical marijuana clinic where the doctor will examine to ascertain if you are qualified for medical marijuana. This is done by going through your medical records, confirming your qualifying case, etc. if you have a qualifying case, your doctor can recommend a medical marijuana card. Note that this card is not given for free; you must pay a fee to the state (which would vary depending on what state you reside in) to obtain your medical marijuana card.


More states are beginning to legalize marijuana, not only for medical use but also for recreational users. You may start to wonder what this means for you as a medical marijuana cardholder. Does it make your card useless since anybody can go into the dispensaries for their marijuana? If you think about this, then freight not; your card is as valid and beneficial as ever. Below are certain benefits you still have as a medical marijuana cardholder over those who don’t.


Recreational dispensaries sell marijuana to adults over the age of 21; this makes sense to most people because why would children have access to marijuana? But they are children who need medical marijuana for their condition and who, without their medical marijuana card, wouldn’t have access to it because of the stigma associated with underage medical marijuana patients. Twenty-nine states in the country that have legalized the use of medical marijuana have laws that enable children under the age of 21 to receive treatment with their caregivers’ help.

Flexibility in Potency Limits

The amount of marijuana being consumed is essential for patients; some patient’s conditions are worse than others which means that their treatment will need more potency than that of others. In contrast, Recreational dispensaries are not privileged with being flexible since they are governed by strict guidelines to which they have to adhere. A medical marijuana clinic can be more flexible with the quantity of treatment given to a patient if the required amount does not offer relief to the patient. For example, in California, recreation dispensaries are limited to 1,000 mg of cannabinoids per pack of tincture or ointment. However, clinics have higher thresholds and are allowed to sell tinctures or salves up to 2,000 mg. These boundaries vary from state to state. Colorado, California, Oregon, and Nevada offer greater potency to MMJ patients with different degrees of control. Washington state law limits recreational edibles to 10 mg per service, but some medical dispensaries provide 25 mg of edibles to patients.

Lower Costs & Taxes

One of the benefits of being a marijuana cardholder is getting a discount at medical marijuana dispensaries; this is favorable for people who depend on medical marijuana for their health condition. With marijuana being legalized for medical use and recreational use, the prices of marijuana have increased, and so did the taxes. Your medical marijuana cards enable you to get medical marijuana at a lower cost than other buyers making medical marijuana more accessible and affordable.


Not all state that legalized marijuana allows patients to grow marijuana, but most do. This is especially beneficial for medical marijuana patients who depend on medical marijuana for their health conditions because it enables them to save costs of regularly visiting the dispensaries when they can grow it on their own. As a medical marijuana cardholder, you can be allowed to purchase at least six(6) plants compared to recreational users that are only allowed four(4) plants each person.


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