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What Do You Need to Rebuild Your Chevy’s Steering Column?

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The steering column is a device that connects the steering wheel to the steering mechanism.  If you have a GM truck steering column, you might encounter some common problems like wear and tear or theft.

Many Chevy owners complain of the steering column wobbling, resulting from a loose tilt mechanism. The second most common problem is the turn signal mechanism made of plastic that often gets broken.  In such scenarios, the only option you have is to rebuild your Chevy’s steering column.

In some cases, you also need to change the 55 Chevy bumper. If the Chevy bumper is cracked, you need to get it replaced. Look for a 55 Chevy bumper for sale to get a compatible bumper for your GM truck.

According to experts, the bumper is made of one piece of metal, and if a crack develops, it is more likely to extend to the entire piece of metal. Before discussing a new bumper, let’s know what you will need to rebuild your Chevy’s steering column.

Parts in the Steering Column

The steering column comprises several components like a steering shaft and outer housing, also known as columns. It also includes a universal joint and a rubber coupling. The steering column is fitted on the dash underside with the help of bolts. It juts out through the engine bay firewall and attaches the steering box.

The bearings fit between the column and steering shaft. The bearings also allow the shaft to rotate freely. Large nuts grasp the steering wheel on the shaft splines, and the steering wheel is fixed to the shaft by splines.

The Chevy steering column rebuild kit contains all parts needed to assemble the steering column. After you have a kit in your hand, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below to rebuild the steering column.

Pull the Wheel

Pulling the wheel is not an easy task. Experts recommend the use of a steering wheel puller which costs $10. It will make the whole job easy.

Remove the Lock Plate

The steering column might have a dust shield that pops off when you try to pull the wheel. If you see a lock plate holding the steering column firmly, get a screwdriver to remove the lock plate. It would help if you compressed the lock plate so the retaining ring can be removed easily.

Experts advise users to purchase a lock plate compressor tool that costs around $10. It will allow you to pull the lock plate easily after removing the retaining ring. The lock plate is held firmly by the tension from the spring beneath.

The lock plate and steering shaft are indexed with the spline holding the parts. Hence the steering shaft will only move backward in one direction. Before you remove the turn signal assembly, make sure the Chevy steering column rebuild kit has all essential parts inside.

Take Out Turn Signal Assembly

The turn signal and spring come right off. Three Philips screws hold the signal assembly. After you remove the hazard button, the turn signal stalks come out first.

Remove Ignition Module

A Philips screw holds the ignition cylinder. Just remove the screw, and the ignition module slides out effortlessly.

Remove Housing

After removing the ignition cylinder, you also need to remove the housing that holds the ignition cylinder. Three Philips screws hold the housing. Remove the screws holding the tilt rod and remove it too.

Install Turn Signal Assembly

You need to thread the harness through the housing you removed in the last step.

Snake the harness down to the column. After you put the harness in the correct place, assemble the column mounting bracket again.  When the wiring harness is in the correct position, reinstall three Philips screws to secure the housing in its place.

Screw the tilt rod in its place.  Slide in the ignition cylinder in the house and reinstall the screw to secure it. Now, you need to focus on new turn signal assembly. Remember, the assembly mounts in only one way.

You can use the hazard button location as a guide to fit the assembly. If you can line it and all Philips screws can be reinstalled in their holes, you have done it right. Use Philips screws to secure the new turn signal assembly. Place the hazard button and turn the signal stalk back in its place.

The Chevy steering column rebuild kit comes with all instructions. You can consider doing both jobs, like replacing Chevy steering columns and bumper at the same. Just look for 55 Chevy bumper for sale to get new bumpers for your vehicle. It will save you a lot of repetitive work, and you can get the bumper replaced simultaneously.


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