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What do you need to know about Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Best Chinese Medicine Clinic New York
Best Chinese Medicine Clinic New York

You may have sometimes noticed people talking about acupuncture and how they’ll like to go for a session, or you could have heard someone speak about having a reflexology session. Acupuncture and reflexology are aspects of traditional medicine people use to treat diseases and prevent them. An example of TCM practices is the Acupuncture facelift Rejuvenation used to improve one’s facial look. Also, in TCM herbal practices, herbs diet improve IBS Diarrhea Constipation.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used in China for thousands of years. It is embedded in Chinese history and culture and was the main healing style before western medicine was introduced. Although western medicine is displaced traditional Chinese medicine, it still survived due to its qualities and uniqueness, which are lacking in western medicine. You can see some of these qualities when you visit the best Chinese medicine clinic in New York.

Unlike western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine aims to treat the physical body and the emotional and mental aspects of the body. It can be described as medicine concerned with everything about the body.

But does TCM work? or are its praises just peddled by people who want to earn it. With more information on TCM, you would answer these questions.

Tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Medicine is based on two basic tenets. These tenets are :

●    Qi

Qi is the body’s vital energy that flows through the body. It is believed that qi is connected to organs and systems in the body, and without it, the body seems to lose its function. According to TCM, when the body’s normal circulation of Qi is disrupted, the body becomes ineffective

●    Yin and Yang

Yin snd yang implies that everything is available in opposites in life, and one should sim to balance these opposites. When there’s a disruption in this balance, the body’s health is disrupted. So ying and yang say balance is the key to healthy living.

Aspects of Traditional Medicine

These aspects of traditional medicine are traditional medical practices aimed at restoring the normal flow of qi in the money and attaining balance. These aspects are

●    Acupuncture

This is the practice of penetrating the skin with tiny needles to free the body’s pathways known as meridians to enhance the normal flow of qi in the body. An example of acupuncture practice is acupuncture facelift rejuvenation.

●    Moxibustion

This involves burning herbal leaves close to the skin and sometimes on the skin. It is believed that this helps heal the skin it comes in contact with. Moxibustion is sometimes done along with acupuncture. You could visit the best Chinese medicine clinic in New York for a moxibustion experience.

●    Cupping

Cupping, also referred to as pulling-up jars, uses warmed cups or jars to suction the skin. It is believed that this helps to remove stagnant lymph or blood from the body to restore the normal flow of qi in the body

●    Massage

The massage in traditional Chinese medicine differs in such that it’s not only concerned about the physical aspects and the emotional and mental aspects. In traditional Chinese medicine is mostly referred to a Tui na: a combination of massage, acupressure, and other forms of body treatments

●    Herbal remedies

This involved using herbs to treat diseases and, most importantly, prevent them. Sometimes the herbs are brewed and taken as a tea. Also, some people like to be on an herbs diet where they have one or two herbs in their food. It is believed that these herbs work to prevent disease and enhance the body’s normal function. For example, herbs diet improve IBS diarrhea institution

●    Exercises

Also referred to as tail chi, it is targeted at strengthening the body’s joints, composure and stamina. It also helps to aid concentration and can be used as a form of meditation.


Although traditional medicine cannot be verified scientifically, many people who have gone through one form of treatment or the other have attested that traditional medicine works. It would help if you tried it sometime too.


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