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What Cards Are Valuable?


Most times, it is difficult to determine the worth of s sports card based on its face value. The value or worth of a sports card is highly speculative and largely depends on its demand.  Other factors such as scarcity will also influence the price of sports cards.

If you have a football card collection for sale, you may strike a good deal with some vintage and rookie cards in your collection.

Some of the best cards to buy for investment purposes are;

  • Vintage cards
  • Rookie cards.
  • Highly graded cards.
  • Cards of important/ popular players
  • Cards from reputable brands.
  • Rare cards

Let’s delve deeper into these six categories of cards.

Vintage cards

Vintage cards are some of the most sought-after sports cards for sale online. Generally, the older the card, the more value it has. A seasoned collector would know that cards produced before 1980 are some of the best cards in the market. Trading cards from the early era (1865-1932) and the bubble gum era  (1933-1951) are some of the hardest to find.  It is one of the reasons many collectors or investors want to buy vintage football trading cards. Unlike modern cards ( 1980 till date),  vintage cards were produced in limited supply. Companies ramped up production of sports cards in the 80s to meet up with the increasing demand.

Rookie cards

From baseball to soccer, all your favorite icons in different sports have rookie cards, and they are some of the most expensive sports cards.  Rookie cards are the first cards produced for players in their debut season. One major appeal of these cards is that they can only be printed once. This leaves companies turning and guessing,  which player is going to be the next big thing? How many units should we print for John Doe?   Once they have printed rookie cards, they can’t go back and produce more when a player becomes popular.   A similar thing happens to collectors.

Cards of important or popular players.

Cards of popular or legendary players are always in high demand. Collectors are more willing to pay big bucks for a more recognizable face.  A good performance during a season can temporarily increase his popularity, demand, and the price of his trading cards.

Highly-graded cards.

Another thing that determines how much you would buy football trading cards or sports memorabilia is its condition.  Newbie collectors shouldn’t be surprised that high-graded cards are more valuable than poorly-graded cards.  Collectors look for the best-graded cards, and this spikes the demand for well-preserved sports cards.  Grading companies determine how well-preserved a card is and give it a grade. The grades are based on the quality of the edges, borders, and the surface of the card.  Different companies have their grading systems, but common ones include a 1-10 system or poor-Gem Mint; with 10 and gem mint being the best conditions, respectively.

Rare cards.

Some of the most expensive sports cards in the world are super rare. This is no coincidence! From economics 101,  we know that the less the supply of a commodity, the higher the demand and the higher the price.  Rarity or scarcity is one of the biggest factors that drive a card’s value or worth;  other things like the card’s era and the player’s influence or popularity will skyrocket the card’s value.

Take, for instance, the extremely rare 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card. There are only 50 copies of this card in the world – also put into consideration that not all of them will be in good or excellent condition. Imagine how much such a card would go for in an auction.  (P.S,  a 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card in good condition is worth over a million dollars).

Cards from reputable brands.

Different sports have top brands that produce trading cards. For example, if you want to buy authentic baseball cards, Topps or Bowman may be the first things to come to mind.  In a similar vein, Panini, Donruss, and National Treasure are some of the top brands for basketball.

You can expect cards from top brands to be more expensive. Buying cards produced by unlicensed companies might be a waste of time and your investment.


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