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Want western saddle blankets? Shop online!


In case you are searching for the best saddle blankets and pads, we have your back. You can browse online for western saddle pads and blankets. They are available at quite an affordable price. You can find a variety of sizes that will fit your western saddle profusely.

The saddle blankets are purely hand-woven and made by soft wool at their own production facility. You can find multiple options for designs and colors. The expert weavers always create unique and original designs and dye their own wool, which accounts for the rich, vibrant colors. The western saddle blankets are best for both uses at home and for shows.

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Why should you use a saddle pad or blanket? 

Without any saddle blanket or pad, the saddle will sit directly on the horse’s back, hurting the horse. While you ride the horse, the saddle will rub against the horse’s back putting extreme pressure on the back or withers.

Further, the saddle can pick up dirt, dust, and sweat from the horse’s back, which, if accumulated for long, becomes hard to wash off. The blanket will offer extra cushioning during your ride and help keep the saddle clean and intact.

The other important reason to use saddle pads is that they will protect the horse from weather exposures. Hence, it is best to prefer using saddle blankets and pads. You can buy horse saddle blankets online at affordable prices.

Different types of western saddle blankets and pads –


  1. Basic saddle blankets  It is the most basic Western saddle tradition, containing a long piece of hand-woven wool fabric simply folded in half. These blankets come in various colorful patterns with either fringed or tasseled ends.


  1. Blanket like woven pads  Mostly, western saddle pads are woven in such a way that resembles an already folded blanket. The pad contains leather endings, and the center includes synthetic fleeces or natural wool. These are shaped to fit the horse’s back’s contours, and the leather straps attached help keep them in place.


  1. Felt pads  Felt western saddle pads and blankets have been used for centuries. These pads quickly absorb the sweat and prevent heat build-up. The felt pads are available in contoured or square shapes that fit correctly under the saddle. If your horse has a dropped back or high withers, these pads are the best options as they provide extra comfort.


  1. Neoprene pads  Western saddle pads with a neoprene end are readily available on the market. The neoprene pads have a high quality of absorbing shocks which makes them highly preferable. They are designed to keep the horse’s back cooler and provides a better cushion to avoid resist impact during long trails. Further, these are the most straightforward form to rinse and dry. Hence, you can use them for quite a long, with the pads still looking for a new one.


How to select the best western saddle blanket for your horse?

As there are different forms of saddle pads and blankets, you must carefully check on the saddle stocks and know well how to choose the best western saddle pads or blankets that can suit your preferences. For this, you can follow the below-given steps.

 Measure the size

You should first measure the size of the saddle blanket that you want to buy. If you select a long-sized pad, it will distort the movement or might even roll out while riding.

Check the material

The material of saddle blankets and pads plays a vital role. You should prefer the soft, thick fabric, absorb sweat and shock, and reduce heat accumulation. It will comfort the horse’s back, help in blood movement, and provide a cooling effect.

Look for the right style

The saddle blankets may come in infringes, tassels, or plain ends. Hence, you need to select the perfect style that suits your requirements and complements the horse.

Compare the prices

Before buying, you should compare different websites and check their prices. Then accordingly, you can buy your perfect fit.

Browse online and buy the best saddle blankets for your horse today!



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