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USVI Government Retirement System

USVI Government Retirement System

As part of the much information you’d find on USVI news, politics isn’t left behind. From the political news section, you get to know all of the political decisions the USVI government makes either about the island or not.

The USVI government retirement system which is a part of the USVI government of the virgin island is located in St. Thomas, vi, united states with about 52 employees across its location. These employees get to benefit from the government employee retirement system (GERS) funds allocated to them.

However, not just anyone can become a beneficiary of the USVI GERS you will need to be a vested member. Therefore, in this post, I’ll be showing part of the information you can get from the USVI GERS news and what you stand to gain from being a part of the government retirement system.

What Is The USVI Government Retirement System?

The USVI government employee retirement system is a benefit program set up by the government for its employees. It’s also referred to as a public pension offered by the USVI government.

As mentioned earlier, the GERS is located in St. Thomas Vi, North America, and was founded on October 1, 1959. The V.I has about 52 employees across its location, and each employee has their payment figure. This is because the benefits at retirement are based on the employee’s age, salary history, and several years of service.

Also, the V.I government employee retirement benefit program is often contributed by the employers and employees. For the current contribution rate, you can always contact a benefits representative.

What Are The Benefits Of The USVI GERS?

There are several benefits of becoming a part of the USVI government retirement system. First off, this system was created to encourage qualified employees to remain active in serving the USVI government.

The GERS was done by organizing a systematic means whereby those employees who may become incapacitated by any form of disability can retire without suffering economic hardship.

In agreement with the mandatory provision act of the USVI, all regular employees must become members of the retirement system within one month of service. This is a condition for their employment. Except for those who are excluded.

Three reasons why becoming a part of this system is important:

  • It creates an opportunity for GERS loans
  • You become entitled to other GERS benefits
  • It establishes credited service

However, as mentioned earlier also, you can’t just be a beneficiary unless you’re a vested member which means that you must have worked and paid your contribution for at least 10 years.

What Is The Retirement Process For USVI GERS?

Now you know that the USVI government retirement system was created for government workers who may become incapacitated during their service year retire without suffering any economic hardship.

However, for other employees, you’d have to go through the retirement process to be a beneficiary of the GERS.

  • First of all, you will need to complete a service form or letter of inquiry at least 3 years before your appointed retirement eligibility date
  • After which, you contact a GERS benefit analyst to schedule an appointment for a pre-retirement consultation
  • Conclude on a retirement date and prepare a retirement letter addressed to your head of department
  • Make a copy for your HR department, immediate supervisor and GERS
  • When all these are done, you contact the GERS to schedule an appointment to complete the retirement application

There is so much other information you get when you log onto the USVI GERS news platform. As a government worker, you also get benefits, loans, investment offers, death benefits, military service credit, options at retirement and so much more from the government.

You should be treated rightly as a government worker. Hence the need for the USVI GERS news platform. Beautifully all of this information can be accessed right through your mobile device.


As a government worker, you should be reworded for all of the work you’ve done over the years. As such, USVI GERS news brings you all the updates on all you should know concerning your financial rights as a government worker. Click on our website to join the trend and get informed with all you need to know.


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