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Unique Features and Caring Needs of a Brazilian Horned Pacman Frog


Though horned frogs (also known as Pacman frogs) are found mainly in South America, you can also find them in Brazil. They are well-known for their broad mouths and over-eye horns. The Brazilian horned frog was the first discovered species in 1823. People across the world have chosen them as pets.

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If you are about to buy and keep them as a pet for the first time, it’s essential to know their unique features and caring needs. Here are their distinguishing features:


The wild frogs are usually muddy green/brown colored with dark-brown spots on their bodies. As they grow older, their colors and patterns change.


Brazilian frogs have strong skulls and legs that cover a huge portion of their bodies. They weigh half a pound to over one pound. Males are usually 3to4 inches long, while females grow noticeably bigger than them.

When you buy Brazilian horned Pacman frogs online, remember that they grow exceptionally fast and become adults in more than a year.


They are territorial and thus, you should keep only one frog in your home to prevent their attack on other frogs. They stay buried in the substrate and poke out the top of their heads during the day.

At night, they tend to come out of their enclosure to stretch and explore with little movement. They are the most active when attacking prey.

So, these are some of the unique features of Brazilian horned frogs. Now, find below some tips to take care of them.

  •   As Brazilian frogs tend to eat small creatures such as mites and ants, you should keep them in an area where your pet can find those creatures easily.
  •   Make sure they also sometimes get bigger vertebrates such as snakes, mice, and other frogs.
  •   Try to feed earthworms, Dubia roaches, and cricket.
  •   Include mealworms and waxworms in your frog’s diet, as these worms are rich in fiber and fat.
  •   Feed five roaches/crickets to your growing frogs every day.
  •   Spray calcium powder on these insects before feeding them to your horned frogs for enough Vitamin D3.
  •   Feed your frog as much as they can in fifteen minutes, and then remove anything that they couldn’t eat.
  •   As Pacman frogs are voracious eaters, they tend to bite hard. it is advisable to feed them using tongs to save yourself from their bites

The Bottom Line

Are you planning to buy Brazilian horned Pacman frogs online soon to keep them as a pet? Then you should be knowledgeable about their features and how to take their care.

Hopefully, this post helped you learn the most important things about keeping them happy as your pet!





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