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Ultimate Workout Guide: Weight Gain For Skinny Women   


Are you a skinny woman who wants to gain weight? You must have realized that very few workout programs are designed for you. Most of the workouts program intended for women help to enhance their flexibility, improve cardio or lose weight.

A personal trainer in Hoboken will tailor a workout program specific to your needs and body type. They understand how skinny women’s bodies react to different exercises and guide you through ones that will help you achieve the maximum result.

We bring you the best personal trainer in the Toronto workout guide for skinny women. Let’s explore more.   

Should Skinny Women Excercise?

Often people wonder whether skinny women should exercise? The answer is yes, as it offers numerous perks.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, working with a  personal trainer in Hoboken and a well-planned diet can help you achieve the desired result.

Most skinny women, after weight training, observed a spike in their hunger and calorie intake. A well-planned workout program will help you gain lean muscles and tone your body without bulking up.

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Cardio For Skinny Women

In the mainstream media, fitness means cardiovascular wellness. It is the reason why most workout programs prioritize cardio exercises.

Cardio improves your blood vessel and heart function. However, it doesn’t significantly impact your overall physical appearance. Although cardio is an excellent exercise to lose weight and burn calories, it might not be ideal for your muscles. Women lose a mix of fat and muscle with cardio.

If you are looking for weight gain for skinny women workout that helps gain lean mass, you must not avoid cardio. However, your approach should be a little different. Opt for intense and short cardiovascular exercise. The strategies you can apply are:

  • Run hard
  • Use steep incline
  • Use a weighted vest
  • Sprint

Performing 30 minutes of exercise two or three times a week is enough to keep you lean and your cardiovascular system healthy.

Weight Training For Skinny Women

The best personal trainer in Toronto will incorporate weight training and cardio in the workout for skinny women. However, opt for lifting weight if you have to pick only one exercise that improves your overall health and appearance and helps you gain strength and build muscle.

Weightlifting will increase your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular movement. If you perform three weight training, each lasting for an hour every week, it is equivalent to 90 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.

If you want to include both cardio and weight lift in your weight gain for skinny women’s workout, it is ideal to follow WHO guidelines. It recommends performing at least two strength training workouts and 150 minutes of cardio every week.

Circuit Workout For Skinny Women

Another training that can help skinny women to gain weight is a circuit workout. You intensely train yourself for a few seconds to about a minute and then move to the next station. It is typically a blend of strength, explosion, and endurance training.

According to a study, women in circuit workouts show better muscle mass growth and metabolism. Moreover, they also experienced lower fat mass and blood pressure.

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Workout Tips For Skinny Women

So, you have finally hired a personal trainer and are all ready to work toward your dream body. However, before you start your training, there are a few expert tips that you may know to make the most of your sessions.

  • Divide your training time, wisely
  • Your travel time must vary by about 60p/ time.
  • Include many exercises in one session to help your muscle group develop comprehensively.
  • Work more on weightlift exercise instead of cardio. Remember, weight lift stimulates muscle growth, whereas cardio burns fat.
  • You must indulge in cardio only 2 to 3 times a week. Each session should be performed after the training for about 15p to avoid fat accumulation.
  • To make the most of your workout session, you must practice the proper technique. It is where hiring a personal trainer will prove to be the right decision. They will correct your posture and help you move to the next fitness level.
The Bottom Line

The best approach to gaining weight for skinny women is weight training. Hire a best personal trainer so that they can tailor a workout specific to your requirement and training.


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