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Types Of Quality Memorial Wind Chimes Online


For a long time, some of us are yet to get the clear history behind the tradition; still, wind chimes remain a remembrance gift for many who have lost a loved one. A lot of these quality memorial wind chimes online are sought after in the world today. The tinkling sound it produces gets the attention of people and constantly reminds them of the dead.

At the same time, memorial wind chimes also provide a measure of calmness to the mind and lift the spirit. Some people buy heavenly chord wind chimes onlineto serve as a beautiful addition to a memorial backyard patio. The good thing about these wind chimes is that you can always personalize and hang them around your home.

What Does Memorial Wind Chimes Mean?

This type of wind chime is a perfect gift for anyone grieving, but few groups create wind chimes, especially for those mourning. Below are few features of a memorial wind chime.

  • A lot of memorial wind chime firms create a good packaging and labeling system for their products. Any recipient not aware of the rules would know better if the product delivered is labeled as a ‘memorial wind chime.’
  • Memorial wind chimes usually have symbols that contain grief attached to them. Some of these natural symbols are feathers, flowers, wings, cardinals, butterflies, and many others. Some may also have religious symbols like crosses, angels, Bible scriptures, and praying hands.
  • Memorial wind chimes may also include words, texts, or sentiments. You may even find memorial wind chimes that have prayers and Bible verses printed and pasted on them.
  • These memorial wind chimes may have generic personalizationslabeled with words like Son, Mom, Dad, or Best pet in the world. You can even personalize them individually using the names of the deceased engraved on the clanger.
  • Assuming you want to buy a memorial wind chime to pay respect to a deceased pet, you may easily find one labeled for a specific breed of animal. These labelings may include pictures of animals with wings, dog bones, prints of paws, and many other animal details.

Types of Memorial Wind Chimes

Some of these memorial-tuned chimes can serve as a beautiful keepsake gift. Most times, they are personalized by pictures or words. They include:

  1. Wind Chime With An Engraved Handwriting Of The Lost One On A Clapper

You can purchase a quality memorial wind chime online that produces a copy of the handwriting of your lost loved one on the clapper. If your loved one signed a letter or card with words, their handwriting would be kept for a long time.

  1. Wind Chimes With Pictures

If you have a picture of your lost loved one, you can always get a wind chime with that picture on the wind-clapper.

  1. Wind Chimes Naming The Relationship Of The Lost Loved One

In cases where you are not able to personalize the gift with the name of your lost loved one, you can also buy a wind chime with a general personalization. Whether it is for your pet or not, you can find wind chimes for specific types.

Types Of Memorial Wind Chimes For Kids

It’s no news that some people give wind chimes to new parents for the celebration of their child. Some people also give sympathy gifts to those who have lost their children. Below are a few of these memorial wind chimes available for kids.

  1. Wind Chime For Those Going Through Miscarriages

Couples that suffer from stillbirths or miscarriages need all the emotional support they can get. You can buy a wind chime with encouraging words of hope written on them.

  1. Wind Chime For Lullaby

Some people buy heavenly chord wind chimes online to honor the memory of a lost child especially. The product may have a text poem titled ‘Lullaby’ on the wind-clapper.

Types Of Memorial Wind Chimes For Pets

You can buy several different products that can serve as a pet memorial gift, but a wind chime remains one of the best options.

  1. Wind Chimes With Animal Pictures

There are a lot of wind chimes that can portray pictures of animals. Some of them are specifically sold to people who may have lost a pet. These wind chimes can be hung outside since most pets do spend their day outdoors.

  1. Wind Chimes With Glass Bottle

You can find wind chimes in different styles and shapes. Some of them are made from glass bottles of wine. It can be registered as a good personal project for anyone who wants to do something creative.


Apart from the quality memorial wind chimes online, you may also want to consider ordering or buying memorial flowers or contributing to a memorial fund account. It is still a beautiful way to let your grieving friends and loved ones know that you are still there for them.


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