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Two Important Accessories For Hookah:



Hookah Accessories DCEvery part of hookah serves a purpose for your session, but there are three accessories that are important parts of any hookah. These two accessories make your experience better and perfect. Let’s grab the points that can help you understand how the three accessories can help you during your vaping session. Take a look!

Hookah Hose:

Hookah hose is one of the important parts that make the vaping session strong and potent. You must maintain, clean and replace the hose with time. Hookah hose simply helps you get the best flavour and clean smoke.

The hookah hose must be clean and good in shape all the time as it connects with your substance. If it is clean, then it will enhance your vaping experience. Moreover, the traditional hoses that come with Egyptian hookahs are prone to breaking. Here, we suggest avoiding them as the traditional hookah hose is made with metal wire wrapped in cloth and leather.

To basic solution to metal, wires are replaced with silicone material. Silicone does not get damaged with time if you take care of the hose properly.

Hookah Bowl:

Hookah Bowl is another important accessory for your session. This is where the magic starts, as it helps in making your hits memorable and better. Hookah bowls boil up the material you are using. Many people prefer using silicone bowls.

However, here, it is important to pair the right bowls with the right tobacco type. Over time, the hookah bowls tend to lose their original qualities. This can lead to some juice selling issues through the walls of the bowl. Microcracks that develop in the bowls because of heat might let the heat in, which can ruin your vaping experience. However, when you use a silicone bowl, it would not crack but can become sticky, and with overheating, it can melt. This can even worse the experience. This is the reason you should always check the quality of the bowl and frequently change it.

Moving on, if you are buying these hookah accessories for the very first time, then ensure to consult an expert or an experienced user for better guidance and knowledge.


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