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Try Some Weird And Secret Weapon Baits


Anglers blame slow fishing conditions, but they forget about the importance of using the right bait. If you also feel so, then buy secret weapon baits online. There are some secret weapon baits that only see the light of day when professionals snatch them from the tackle box for a rare appearance. Bait designers are honored for their creative, out-of-the-box thinking, and it showcases some of their best work. The best inventions make it across the seas and are marketed in many places as an angler.
Here are some weird and secret weapon baits that are worth seeing. Try one or more this season. If your fishing partner feels that the heat is getting too much, prove them wrong.
Secret Weapon Dark Sleeper Bait
It is a choice when the screen of your electronic graph lights up with prized gamefish tilted downwards. A low center of gravity translates it into a dying or injured baitfish, indicating an easy meal. It features a strange-looking soft fin material molded around the head that adds to the striking appeal and also collapses at the time of a fish attack for solid hooksets.
The hook also allows the dark sleeper to penetrate through the gnarled part and deflect potential snags. These are available in many colors at the online store; you can buy any secret weapon baits.
Secret Weapon Lindy Glow Streak Bait
Lindy Glow Streak bait glow in the dark like fluorescent.It light-up in murky waters when fish have difficulty spotting prey. It is pre-equipped to hold the included bright light stick for ultimate visibility. Designed for vertical jigging, it darts side to side with upstrokes, gliding back when it settles.
Believe it or not, the shade and color of the baits are quite important. According to the pro angler, the baits of the fish must complement the water shades and color. It sounds simple, but things are more complicated than they appear. For example, light-colored bait will not be seen by the fishes during the sunny season. The reason for this is that such color or shading will only cast a soft shadow underwater.
For the same reason, darker baits make it harder to notice on a sunset or evening as the color or shading will blend in with the darkness. It is a bit difficult, but you will know what you are doing, and to make it easy, you can buy secret weapon baits online.


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