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Try Out These Stunning Lemonade Braids


You can try to make the most out of your natural hair all the time. After all, cornrows have always been in women’s fashion trends for a long time. They look very attractive and also protect your hair. Further, side-swept braids or cornrows are increasingly gaining popularity. But now they have become famous as Lemonade braids. To learn more about lemonade braids like lemonade braids twist locs, you can stay with this guide.

Color variations

To style lemonade braids, you can try different colors to give a creative and fun look. You can also use extensions like locs extension in Colorado of different colors. It will make your braids more vibrant.

Why are they known as lemonade braids?

Beyonce, the famous singer, was seen with side-swept cornrows in 2016 in a song of her music video. She was also noticed with the same style in her music video tour. The name of the album of her song was ‘Lemonade.’ After that, the side-swept braids hairstyle became famous as lemonade braids.

How long do lemonade braids take to install?

A professional can install lemonade braids like lemonade braids twist locsin 3-4 hours. Other braids like thin and intricate braids may require more time compared to lemonade braids. After all, it depends on the hairstylist and their skill, the total number of hair extensions, and your natural hair length.

Stunning lemonade braids to install

The Lemonade braids are similar to box braids to some extent. But box braids come in square or rectangular partitions. On the other hand, lemonade braids are swept to side braids. This hairstyle comes in different variations, and so they can be used for different personalities and preferences. You can creatively style hair braids witty using some accessories and colors. Moreover, we have included some stunning lemonade braids ideas for you in this guide. Let’s see them.

• Classic lemonade braids

This is a lemonade hair braid style that is always in fashion trends. This hairstyle comes with tiny braids that are swept to the side. When you install this braid, they get stuck to your head to protect your hair. You also get a standalone hair texture with them. You can also try extensions like thelocs extension in Colorado.

• Beyonce lemonade braids

You can try the lemonade braid in which the singer Beyonce rocked in her album. This hair braid is thick and long. You can style your favorite color of this hair braid.

• Jumbo lemonade braids

Do you want to tone down your thick hair? If so, you can try jumbo lemonade braids. This hairstyle works with thick braids. This braid option is good if you want to give your hair a new texture while protecting your locs like lemonade braids twist locs.

• Big lemonade braids

Big lemonade braids are almost similar to jumbo braids. But this hairstyle gives you a more natural look and less thick. So, if you are looking for something that gives you a great look while making you more subtle than jumbo braids, big lemonade braids are waiting for you.

• Micro lemonade braids

If you are looking for a hairstyle opposite to jumbo lemonade braids, you can go with micro lemonade braids. This tiny hair braid will give you an elaborative and soft look. So if you have not installed a thick braid yet, try out micro lemonade braids. After all, a micro lemonade braid will require more time in the installation, but you return with a striking look. You can also try out locs extension in Colorado.

• Thick and thin lemonade braids

Suppose you are confused about what to choose from thick and thin lemonade braids, no issue. You can try both of them at the same time. With these braids, you will have a look of one medium braid in the center.

• Pulled back

As the name says, this hair braid style allows you to get your braided hair back instead of putting them to one side. It manages your face correctly and gives you a stunning look.

• Center parting

It is not necessary that you always have to keep your lemonade braids as lemonade braids twist sideways. You can part them in the middle. That’s all you will want to know about lemonade braids.


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