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Top Tips for Hiring Good Residential Fence Installation Companies


Undoubtedly, installing a fence can be one of the biggest do-it-yourself residential projects you can undertake as a homeowner. But there are a lot of residential fence installation companies in Florida that you can hire to install a fence for you. You can find various options from your industrial fencing system to a commercial version of fencing for your property.

Although, finding the right fence company with good business experience to do the job on time and budget, with a touch of quality and beauty, maybe harder than you imagine. For this reason, you need to take a few preliminary steps to ensure that you hire the best fencing contractor in Lake Worth, FL. Below are a few tips to guide you.

1. Search Beyond Fencing Services

The company you intend to hire does not necessarily have to deal with only fences to be able to install one for you. It could just be an individual and not a company.  You could find landscapers, licensed handypersons, construction contractors, and any other individual capable of installing your fence.

The most important thing is to do your research before hiring anyone. Fencing systems are all about giving you the protection you need, so stick with reputable and licensed individuals or companies bonded and insured to work in FL. Ask for their insurance, including liability, and ensure they do not have any pending legal action against any company.

2. Go For Multiple Estimates

One of the greatest pieces of advice for hiring industrial or commercial fencing contractors in Lake Worth, FL, for any property remodeling is to get three or more estimates. Acquiring a lot of estimates has a way of producing a broader spread of cost bids, making it easier for you to choose the right cost and quality for your project. Although, this may seem like a difficult task for a busy homeowner.

Soliciting estimates for specialized indoor works, including kitchen remodels, basement finishing, tile works, and many more, can be very time-consuming. But because fencing is exterior work, representatives may agree to visit the property and decide on an estimate, even when you are not home. Ensure you confirm how long the estimate will last as you take your time to evaluate other fence installation companies to hire.

3. Search Your Neighbourhood

Professional residential fence installation companies in Florida often nail a badge on completed fences that advertise their services. You could decide to take a walk or drive around your neighborhood to find badged fences that you like. If there are no badges to take note of and the fence is relatively new, you may want to ask the homeowner if they remember who built the fence for them.

4. Check Out The Warranty

You need to find out the kind of warranty the fence company offers. Does this warranty cover just labor or include materials if the company offers a guarantee? This question is necessary because fences are long-term products; some warranties may not be long-term. If you are not hiring a handyman service that may not offer any warranty, you should expect a warranty of at least three years and above.

5. Prepare For A Representative Visit

When a representative from a fencing company or one of the industrial fencing contractors in Lake Worth, FL, pays a visit to your property, recognize that yours is just one of the several homes they may visit in a day. Therefore, you both must ensure that the task is performed quickly and accurately. Unlock your gates, clear the foliage around target areas, and keep all dogs inside, in case you have one.

You may also want to see where the fence will meet other pre-existing fences or your residence and clear out those areas to a certain level. While the representative is working, try as much as possible to give them space but remain close if they need anything from you.


Other tips may help you when hiring the services of a fencing company in FL. You could ask the representative if a few references of satisfied customers you can contact to find out more about their work. It would help if you were certain you were not making a mistake when choosing one.


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