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Top techniques for cooking beef


The demand for cows keeps taking an upward surge. That is as a result of the numerous by-product gotten from cattle and the ever-increasing consumption of beef. Cow farms in Pennsylvania and other important areas are witnessing high demand for beef as it is the third most widely consumed meat in the world. Although there are health concerns about eating too much, it remains an excellent source of essential nutrients required for a balanced diet.

Man’s technique of processing beef has been improving over time. Beef lovers keep trying newer methods of enjoying their steaks. The wide variety of beef cuts available these days makes it easy to cook beef in different ways. While it is a good idea to know how to cook using some of the various cooking techniques, you need to choose the method that will help you minimize moisture loss and subsequently increase tenderness while maximizing flavor. Here are some of the various ways available


  1. Grilling

Grilling is a cooking technique that involves high, medium or even low dry heat applied to the surface of food from anything burgers to steaks and even a whole roast. Although using charcoals to grill is trickier than using gas, it remains a relatively easy way to generate a burst of high heat for a short time, making even a novice able to grill steaks and burgers.

Cooking a roast on a grill usually takes longer than most other techniques of cooking. In a charcoal grill, you constantly have to maintain the charcoal flames for a timer period requiring the addition of coals periodically and adjusting the vents to keep it at a temperature that one wants. Gas grills, on the other hand, makes grilling roasts quite easier a bit.


  1. Braising

Braising is a combination-cooking method that uses lower temperatures and longer cooking time. That helps to tenderize tougher cuts of beef like chuck, brisket, and short ribs. Braising is a cooking method that uses both dry and wet heats. The food is typically first seared at a high temperature and then finished at lower temperatures in a covered pot. Braising of meat is sometimes referred to as pot roasting, although some authors decide to make a distinction between the two methods based on if additional liquid is added or not.


  1. Stewing

Like braising, stewing also uses slow but moist heat in cooking the meat. But instead of cooking the whole large piece of meat, the meat is diced and cut up into smaller pieces or cubes like in beef stew or chili. It is important to keep in mind that stewing as a cooking technique involves more liquid than braising. One could decide to make a beef noodle soup by stewing the meat and other aromatics then adding the noodles at the last minute. Stew beef found at the supermarket are often made up of trimmings and other odds and ends, but in total, it’s usually made up of chuck and round. One is not limited to store-cut stew beef; you can purchase your beef chuck or round and dice it up yourself.


  1. Roasting

In roasting as a beef cooking technique, high temperature or a combination of high and low is applied to the beef. The high temperature gives the meat its crisp, brown, mouth-watering exterior, while the low temperature is what cooks it to its proper doneness. Because the beef is mostly cooked quickly at a high temperature, there’s little opportunity to break down connective tissues. Therefore, the best cuts of meat for roasting are the tender ones.

In a smaller roast, you might only need a short burst of high heat to reach perfect medium-rare, but for a larger roast, one would do a large part of the cooking at a low temperature and then sear it in a very hot oven.


  1. Broiling

Broiling is a cooking technique that involves exposing the food to direct radiant heat either on a grill over live coals or below a gas burner. Broiling is like grilling but just upside-down. Instead of above the fire, as with grilling, the meat is situated below.

Unlike grilling, broiling is done indoors rather than outside on the grill. Broiling is a high-temperature technique where the beef is cooked just some inches away from the source of heat. Broiling is different from baking or roasting in that the food is turned during the process to cook one side at a time. Broiling works much like grilling with the same cuts of beef: burgers, steaks, and other thin cuts, such as skirt steak.


Getting to cook a great steak every time should not be difficult, but we tend to over-complicate it with a few cooking errors. You will most likely get beef in varying cuts in beef farms in Pennsylvania or other farmer’s village, but every beef cuts have a cooking technique peculiar to it. Understanding this can go a long way to make you enjoy your portions of beef to the fullest.










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