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Top Bulk Vending Toy Capsule Craft Ideas.

Bulk Vending Toy Capsule

Bulk vending toys come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve patronized an online capsule toy vending machine business, you’ll know that you can use capsules for several things. One of such uses that lots of craft-loving people are getting into is in cool and creative capsule craft. These crafts turn out to be really innovative holiday designs or even teaching tools.

Like other bulk items, capsule toys aren’t expensive, and so you can stock up on them as you create beautiful crafts. Here are some of the top bulk vending toy capsule craft ideas you can put your capsule to good use with.

#1. Lit Summer Insect Eggs

Your summer can get a whole lot better with the addition of a lot of summer capsule insect eggs to your home decor. They are a fun idea for your summer crafting plans, and whatever you end up with will be beautiful and creative in the morning and nighttime.

#2. Garland Of Capsule Snowmen

If you’re a lover of the Christmas holidays and building snowmen, you will enjoy making a snowman garland. You’ll need at least a dozen or more plastic capsules as well as paint and sprays to give the capsule the perfect snowman face. You can get the capsules from online or capsule toy vending machine businesses in your locality. When you’re done, you’ll have a unique and simple addition to your Christmas decor.

#3. Capsule Make A Fun Teaching Tool

Whether you’re an elementary teacher or the parent of a homeschooled child, plastic capsules offer a way to make learning fun. From math to science, geography to spelling, you can use these bulk vending toys to make learning interesting. Try inserting questions inside the plastic capsules and encourage students to interact with them. You can always reward them with candy treats for success.

#4. They Can Be An Awesome Addition To Your Themed Party

If properly decorated, plastic capsules can serve as a proper and awesome addition to that theme party you’re planning. Your online capsule toy from vending machines can go well with other bulk vending toys, stickers, candies, and tattoos. This should save you from using goody bags that litter.

#5. A Pendant For Little Crawlers

Children are curious little people, and a few minutes outside will see them come inside with the new pet crawler they found. Since they like to keep crawling things and insects like beetles, your plastic capsule can be the perfect bug-keeping pendant they can carry around. You can also help them make the interior of the capsules more inhabitable and the outside more homely for the little crawler.

#6. Croquet

When knitting or doing your croquet, you sometimes have to stuff your work with cloth or polyester materials. However, with capsules, it becomes way easier to do so. If you’re making miniature figures of cartoon characters or cute little animals, a capsule adds a little more balance to the character.

Should it have a flat surface, your croquet character or figure will sit on flat surfaces nicely. So order from your online capsule toy vending machine for lots of colorful capsules to finish up that awesome croquet work.

#7. Capsules Make A Organization Easier

Another capsule craft idea may be using bulk vending toys like plastic capsules as a small storage unit. You can use plastic capsules to hold and organize everyday items, especially those you and your little ones use daily. Pins, beads, glitter, or jewelry can be kept in those tiny little capsules and colored or marked appropriately for easy identification.

#8. The Perfect Tooth Fairy Locker Or Container

Kids lose their teeth when they pull them out and can get really sad about the tooth fairy not showing up to pick it from them. A capsule from your online capsule toy vending machine will solve the problem. Capsules Make a great tooth fairy container for your little one’s tooth stash. Besides, they may also use them to keep their tooth money when the tooth fairy delivers as expected!


Bulk vending toys are an absolute delight both for kids and adults. Capsules are some of the more loveable toys you can get, and they can be used to serve lots of purposes. Capsule craft ideas like these will help you add a little decoration to your holiday. If you’re looking to get your stock, you should buy from a reputable online capsule toy vending machine


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