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Top 7 Myths That Parents Have About Daycares


As a new parent, undoubtedly, you will get a lot of advice and suggestions from people about the best way to look after your child. When it comes to sending children to daycare, different people have different assumptions about child care centers. Many of these assumptions are nothing except myths. When you, as a parent, hear these misconceptions from people, you question yourself, “Whether I have to send my child to full time childcare near me or not.” These myths are stopping many parents like you from sending their children to daycare facilities. However, it is ultimately your decision if you have to send your to daycare. In this blog, we will bust some common misconceptions that many people have about the daycare facilities.

Myth 1: Childcare is Bad For Children

This is the most common misconception about childcare facilities. Due to this, many parents fear searching for the “child care services near me.” The reality is that child care centers are not bad for children. But you should be careful while selecting them. Besides good daycare facilities, bad child care centers also exist. Therefore, you should choose only government-approved child care facilities. A study on 75000 children in Norway showed that there are no behavioral problems in the children going to daycare centers.

Another study by the University of Adelaide showed that kids in high quality or government authorized child care centers at the age of 2 or 3 are more attentive and have better problem-solving skills.

Myth 2: Children At Child Cares Do Not Get The Required Attention

This is another myth that many people have about child care centers. Due to this, they do not prefer sending their children to full-time childcare services. There is a standard “carer to children ratio” that all authorized child care centers follow, for example in the state of Illinois the child to staff ratio is as follows:

  • 1 to 4 for infants & toddlers under 2 years.
  • 1 to 5 for toddlers 2 to 3 years.
  • 1 to 10 for children 3 to 5 years.

Therefore, it is essential to confirm the carer to child ratio in a particular daycare facility before selecting it.

Myth 3: It Is Just Babysitting or It Is Just A Babysitting Service

Due to the lack of information, many people compare child care centers with babysitting facilities. But there are many differences between both of these services. All child care centers have educational programs for children. They help children develop new skills. Many studies have shown that the children at daycare centers have better problem-solving skills than the children at home. Besides this, child care centers also help children develop effective communication skills. These skills benefit children in the long run. On the other hand, babysitting does not provide these attributes because it is just caring for children in parents’ absence.

Myth 4: When Children Turn 3, parents Should Send Them To Preschool Instead Of Daycare

Preschools are good. But no hard and fast rule exists about sending your children to child care when they turn 3. As a parent, it is your decision about your child whether you have to send your child to preschool or child care services. In both of these facilities, your child will learn something new and develop new skills.

Myth 5: Your Kids Will Forget You

This misconception about child care centers has developed fear in many parents. Every parent wants their children to develop problem-solving skills and become smarter with time. For this, proper development of the brain is necessary. Child care centers and preschools play an essential role in the brain development of children. There is no evidence that proves this myth true. Hence, you need not worry about it. In fact having constant love and attention during the day in a day care center reinforces a child sense of love and security. There are many good quality childcare facilities, you can search like “the best child care services near me.”

Myth 6: Daycare Food Is Unhealthy

This is only a misconception. No child care center food is unhealthy. Even the government-approved child care centers serve food to your children that fulfill all their nutritional requirements. But if you’re still bothered about this fact, you can request a copy of the daily menu. State licensed day cares must prepare and serve approved foods in their centers at the appropriate proportion. Menus for the month should be posted for the parents to view at will.

Myth 7: My Kid Will Love The Child Care Provider More Than Me

Many parents think that sending their child to a child care center may weaken their parent-child bonding. This is only a misconception. It is possible that the caregiver will develop a strong bond with your child, but this bonding does not affect your relationship with your child; after all, you are his/her parent. So, never feel insecure about your decision about searching for the best “full time childcare near me.”


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