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Three Reasons Why You Should Shred Your Paper Professionally


A lot of businesses end up with sensitive data, intentionally and unintentionally. These data can be financial records, employee files, company insider information, or customer details. After all, most of this info is stored on paper. Regrettably, it is the exclusive duty of the firm to protect that data, and paper is a highly insecure medium for keeping it.

While many firms have modernized their operations to reduce reliance on paper, paper processes are sometimes inescapable. As a result, there is frequently a progressive accumulation of saved paper records. However, keeping these sensitive documents any longer than necessary increases the possibility of a breach of confidentiality, which can be disastrous for any firm.

Fortunately, the solution is straightforward: using a professional paper shredding company. This is one of the most effective and efficient methods to accomplish this.

Advantages Of Using A Professional Paper Shredding Company

There are various advantages to employing a third party to manage your company’s shredding needs. Secure shredding services in Los Angeles help you secure the confidentiality of your data, but they also cost much less than most people believe, removing the stress of meeting data compliance standards.

The experience and equipment of a professional paper shredder service center in Los Angeles can be difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce. There are several reasons why firms choose to engage a company that offers personal document shredding in Los Angeles rather than shredding themselves or, worse, simply tossing them away, and here are some of them:

1. Increased Security Level

Along with information fraud, identity theft is on the rise globally. The data source used in these crimes is usually always wrong handling of sensitive personal data.

Often, insignificant human behavior is to blame. Mistakes happen, and it is not your employees’ fault. Usually, some of these mistakes are piles of paper abandoned, misplaced documents, or inadequately shredded items.

Forcing your employees to follow document destruction protocols places an unfair burden on them and unnecessarily risks your business and data security.

Secure shredding services in Los Angeles help resolve these issues by simplifying your internal document destruction process and shifting document destruction responsibility to a third-party provider.

This eliminates human errors that can lead to security flaws and helps protect the confidentiality of your data.

2. Legal Compliance

It is the law to securely destroy documents containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). In fact, hundreds of laws have been enacted at both the state and federal levels to protect the personal data of Americans. The Federal Trade Commission conducts enforcement actions against any firm that fails to offer proper security to protect personal information at the federal level.

Furthermore, numerous other federal acts have been enacted to handle specific businesses, such as HIPPA laws that govern the healthcare industry or FACTA laws that govern the financial services industry.

One of the most significant benefits of using a document destruction service is that the equipment, employee training, and processes ensure compliance with all legal standards.

3. Guaranteed Destruction

Most commercial services offering personal document shredding in Los Angeles destroy paper adequately to prevent even the most basic data breaches. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and regrettably, most of these devices produce paper strips that can be reassembled by a dedicated thief with the correct equipment to extract enough data to be helpful.

Industrial shredding machinery destroys your papers by utilizing cross-cut shredding, which essentially slashes every sheet of paper vertically and horizontally. As a result, you end up with confetti-like fragments that are tough to reconstruct. Not only that, but these fragments become mixed in with any other material that remains in the equipment, resulting in a riddle that no one would ever attempt to solve.


Whatever volume of paper shredding your organization requires, the choice is simple: hire a professional paper shredding firm to solve your paper concerns. Protect your data by adding frequent shredding trips into your document management routine, or book a one-time shredding service appointment at our paper shredder service center in Los Angeles to remove obsolete papers from storage. Book an appointment today and get the best paper shredder service!


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