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Things to Consider When Making Bathroom Installations and Designs


Bathroom design is perhaps one of the most intricate aspects of a home’s general development. It requires more thought than any other space. Even though the kitchen is an exception, there is always the calming presence of a kitchen designer to help with the process.

When it comes to bathroom installations, you’ll often find yourself dealing with a lot on your own, which can be stressful. The typical bathroom is small, necessitating creative space utilization to fit all of the desired features while remaining attractive and comfortable. And installation can be deceptively tricky, involving plumbing, intricate spatial design, and technical skills.

Bathroom layout

If you’re building a new home, deciding on the layout of your bathroom is a little more difficult because almost anything is feasible. If, on the other hand, you’re remodeling a bathroom, there are certain conclusions you need to arrive at. You must determine whether you like the overall layout, including the toilet, sink(s), and shower or bathtub, and if so, that’s great because the plumbing is already in place.

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Of course, one of the most crucial aspects of a bathroom is the plumbing. The use of the proper sized pipes and drains can have a significant impact on the functionality of a system. Drains in standard home plumbing are usually half-inch pipes, but the larger the drain, the less likely it is to clog. Professional installations like the Sentrel wall system replacement in St. Charles are always readily available for you.

Heated Floors

Even if you don’t live in a very snowy climate, a heated bathroom floor is a fantastic feature. If you want radiant heating in your bathroom, make your decision early on in the process. Electricity or hot water are the two options for heating a bathroom floor. The former is accomplished by passing an electrical current through a heating element, while the latter necessitates the installation of pipes that run the length of the bathroom.

If you’re remodeling, an electric floor is quicker to install, but it often costs more in the long run because power is more expensive than hot water. Tile or stone are the best materials for radiant flooring because they carry heat better than wood. If you add a heated bathroom floor, the height of the floor will change significantly, which will affect the transition between the bathroom and the bedroom or hallway, especially if the adjacent room has a hard floor, so plan appropriately.

Toilet Choices

The first thing to consider when planning your bathroom is whether you want a modern wall-mounted toilet type or a more classic floor-mounted model because it’s directly tied to the whole plumbing system. Aside from that, the type of toilet you choose is mostly a matter of taste.

Shower, Tub, Or Both?

It is up to you to decide whether you want a shower, a bathtub, or both in your bathroom. You’ll generally want a regular bathtub in a bathroom with young children because it’ll be easier for them to get in and out, and for you to bathe them. A walk-in or curbless shower is a fantastic choice for a guest bathroom. You’ll surely want both in your master bathroom. Also, a curbless shower with a steam element and an extra-deep soaking tub are undoubtedly on your wish list. Sentrel wall system installation in St. Charles can help you get the best to fit the peculiarities of your needs.

Sinks and Vanities 

Bathroom vanities today have a lot more drawer storage than they had in the past. Drawers are more accessible and provide more organizational flexibility. Whether you choose a sink that is flush with the countertop or a vessel sink that sits on top of it, it will affect the height of your vanity. The new standard for bathroom vanity height is 36″, which is the same as in the kitchen. A floating vanity is a good alternative if you want more flexibility with the height of your vanity.


Fixtures might be one of the most expensive aspects of a bathroom, believe it or not. The cost will be determined by the type of material used and the level of personalization desired. But, no matter what fixtures you choose, their practical, ergonomic placement will determine how much you enjoy them, as much as the materials they’re made of. Water will spill all over the counter if the spout is too short or situated too far away from the sink. A shower faucet that puts your arm (or entire body) directly in front of the initial blast of cold water might become a source of regular annoyance.


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