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Things to consider when choosing a movable wall system


Movable or Sentrel Wall System installation st Charles provides several advantages over traditional construction, including the ability to alter your area, improved acoustic privacy, and technology integration. So, how do you pick the best system for you? Take a look at our considerations:

Reconfigurability: How often do you plan to reconfigure your space?

A unitized system is an excellent option if you intend on reconfiguring once a year and want the easiest installation. A modular system will work for you if you plan to reconfigure once every few years.

Category: What category matches how often you want to reconfigure?

As previously stated, the type of wall system you select is often correlated with the frequency of reconfiguration you expect. Movable walls are classified into two types: unitized and modular. Unitized walls are delivered to the worksite before the unit, and they are often installed fast and may be readily changed with minimal work. Sentrel Wall System remodel st peters are often delivered in sections and erected on-site. Logistically, these sorts of wall systems may need more labor and coordination.

Surface flexibility: What different kinds of surfaces would you like to have in your space?

Whiteboards? Is the fabric stackable? What about magnetic whiteboards? Displays that are integrated? Unitized panels offer fewer possibilities when it comes to surface flexibility, but the trade-off is faster reconfiguration. Modular systems, on the other hand, typically provide a much broader range of surface options.

Privacy: How important is visual and acoustic privacy?

Visual privacy can be accomplished by using solid panels, patterned film on the glass, or a film that obscures screen content from passers-by. Depending on the materials utilized in the wall system, varying degrees of acoustic seclusion can be achieved. When double-glazed, glass can reach high STC values, but acoustically treated solid panels provide the most privacy. Solid panels offer the extra benefit of providing built-in visual privacy and sound insulation.

Glazing: What features are most important?

Even if you choose solid panels, you will certainly incorporate some glass for transparency and natural light. Single glazing is the most basic choice, with the least successful acoustic qualities. Double glazed windows are thicker and soundproof, with higher STC values. Double glazed also expands your options for attaching technology or other structural elements within the space. Butt-glazing is the joining of two glass panels without needing an extra frame, resulting in a seamless appearance. If the appearance of butt glazing is essential to you, check to discover which systems provide it.

Wall depth: How do you want to run power and data throughout the space?

If you wish to run power and data through the walls, you’ll need a system with thick enough walls to accommodate those services. If you’re connecting power, data, and even HVAC through elevated access flooring, you may use a thinner wall system if you like.

Aesthetic: What are you trying to achieve visually in your space?

There is a moveable wall system to match your needs, whether you want a widely transparent workplace with subtle private elements or infuse your area with your brand and culture with bright, bold graphics and film. Butt-glazing provides larger expanses of glass for a sleek, attractive design.

Technology Integration: How important is the wall to accommodate the latest technology?

Some Sentrel Wall System replacement st Charles specialize in integrating various types of technology into the wall, such as LED lights for videoconferencing. This gives a clean, contemporary look while allowing for proper ventilation and maintenance access to the devices. Unitized systems do not allow for wall integration but do provide surface-mount possibilities.

Sustainability: How important is well-being and environmental protection?

We have excellent news for you if you care about the environment: all of the movable wall systems you could be considering are significantly better for the environment and your employees than traditional construction! Examine the amount of recyclable content in the system under consideration, if it can be recycled at the end of its long life, and whether it is free of PVCs, POCs, and off-gassing.


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