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These Are The Shoes Every Man Must Own


Not only women can style different types of footwear than men in the shoe department. There are several options for men. After all, due to a lack of knowledge about men’s shoes, like men’s elevator dress shoes, you may think you have limited options. But there is nothing like that. You need to explore the world of footwear. You can find shoes for yourself in different styles and colors. Shoes are also available based on your needs. For example, you can purchase shoes for a corporate meeting, travel, rainy season, and for many other occasions.

Furthermore, if you are shorter in height, a particular shoe can help you. You may think about how a shoe can help you with your shorter height by increasing your height. You are right, but it is possible. Nowadays, these shoes are known as height-increasing shoes and elevator shoes like elevator tennis shoes. These shoes are designed to raise your existing height to a few inches without any side effects.

Moreover, this article includes the best trendy shoes for men. You can stay with this article if you want to break your limitations for men’s shoes.


These are the shoes that are named after their decorative lines of small holes. You will see perforations on the surface of the shoes. After all, these shoes are popular among men. If you don’t have one, you should buy it to add a new shoe style to your life. They are a type of dress shoes you can wear on formal occasions. Moreover, you can buy men’s elevator dress shoes if you want to increase your height.


If you want to style lace-free shoes, the best option is to try loafers. Loafers are stylish and appealing pairs of shoes that come without laces. You can wear loafers anywhere and with any dress, from formal clothes to casual attire. Loafers come in three different types. People across the world use all types of loafers. Moreover, if you are looking for height-increasing shoes, you can go with elevator tennis shoes.


Oxfords are considered a royal pair of shoes for men in the fashion world. These shoes came into existence in Scotland and Ireland and became popular when rebel students started using them. If you love to look formal all the time, you will want to get a pair of oxfords in black and brown. Black and brown are the most opted colors for oxfords.


Moccasins are like loafers made of leather and stitched with a soft sole. These shoes came into existence when Native Americans roamed in the wilderness. These shoes are designed using tassel, bead, and hand-drawn embellishments. All these things make moccasins eccentric and lavish shoes for men. Moreover, shoes can also solve your height problem but not moccasins. For this, you need to look for men’s elevator dress shoes. 


Sneakers are sporty and casual shoes. They come in different colors and styles. You can wear them with almost anything. If you love wearing t-shirts and jeans, you can create a stunning look using quirky retro sneakers. These are the shoes that you can use at every stage of life. After all, you can try a pair of elevator tennis shoes to boost your confidence and increase your height.


Derbies are formal shoes like oxfords but not more than oxfords. They come under dress shoes or formal shoes’ category like men’s elevator dress shoes. These shoes do not have traditional perforation on their upper side. Derbies are open lace shoes that include eyelet tabs on the top. You can wear these shoes in both formal suits and casual outfits. After all, derby shoes come in W shape.

Dress boots

It is not necessary to be a rugged man to wear dress boots. Every man can wear dress boots. Boots are high fashion footwear that is widely used in winter. If you think of getting one for you, keep in mind that you need to care for it with mink oil and conditioner. These shoes can last longer compared to other footwear. That’s all. These are some different types of shoes you need to know.


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