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There are Multiple Benefits of Working with an Expert Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange County


Bankruptcy law can be complex, but incredibly beneficial to you personally or to your company. This guide focuses on chapter 11 bankruptcy in California. So if you are considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California, keep reading the post to grab the necessary information.

Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code is generally for the purpose of “reorganization,” and it is primarily suitable for either small and large businesses or individuals with large debts or unduly expensive mortgage or personal property leases.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy may allow an individual or company to stop collection actions, improve cash flow, protect employees, reject burdensome leases, and pay debt while retaining the company’s or individual’s control and assets.

Some Reasons to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

  • To stop harassment from creditors
  • Interrupt tax levies.
  • To prevent your business from closing
  • Keep your personal or business assets
  • To reduce your personal or corporate debt to affordable levels
  • To get flexibility in negotiating restructuring plans with creditors.

Benefits of filing bankruptcy:

  • Peace of mind
  • Freedom from creditor harassment
  • Debt discharge
  • More time to pay back financial obligations

if your wish to reorganize your business

Filing for Chapter 11 (“reorganization”) is one of the excellent ways to relieve yourself or your company of burdensome debt and reducing it to affordable levels in many situations. But understanding the process and filing for it can be a daunting task. Therefore, it requires the legal help of an experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Hiring an experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney in California is an effective way to start the process of rebuilding your finances.  Here are some of the benefits of proceeding with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney:

He understands the Federal Bankruptcy Laws and the California State Exemption Laws to protect personal assets.

At Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc, its attorney—Mr. John Bauer—is very skilled and adept at effective bankruptcy procedures to protect and reorganize your assets into a workable Plan which is approved by the Court.  He is a very skilled chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in Orange County.

You can contact attorney John Bauer at 714-319-3446 for legal advice and determine how best to proceed with your Chapter 11 Bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy options.  If you really need to liquidate your debts to start over, Mr. Bauer can also assist you with a liquidation bankruptcy which is called “Chapter 7.”

Help with documentation

Chapter 11 is a complex bankruptcy that involves mountains of time-sensitive paperwork and considerable legal strategy.  Please note that a non-lawyer lay person or company is not allowed to represent itself in a Chapter 11 case.  That makes it essential that you locate the right attorney to consult with you, an attorney who essentially becomes your partner through the process, and who is properly experienced in the maze of laws required to successfully reorganize your assets and company.

When you file for chapter 11 bankruptcy California with Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc. and its attorney, John Bauer, you receive the benefit of years of legal experience and successes.

Save you time

Since we are taking over your entire bankruptcy case, Mr. John Bauer, our skilled chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in Orange County, will handle everything from court hearings to meeting with creditors to preparing a reorganization plan.

Contact Mr. John Bauer Directly

We understand how painful and stressful it can be to go through bankruptcy. Hence Mr. Bauer promises to walk you through the process to make it as comfortable as possible for you and seek for you the maximum financial benefits possible under the circumstances.

You may like to contact our attorney John Bauer directly at Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc. at 714-319-3446 for legal advice and help.


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