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The Ultimate Guide to Asbestos Contaminated Soil Removal


Soil is an essential component available on our earth. But once any chemical or any harmful substance gets in direct contact with the soil, the soil gets contaminated and can have negative effects on the surroundings. These harmful substances may include asbestos, pesticides, harmful insecticides, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and pollutants. These made-made chemicals can potentially destroy soil health. This is why it is important to approach the asbestos-contaminated soil removal in Washington.

How is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is very harmful substance to health. Asbestos fibers can directly enter the body while breathing can cause severe diseases like lung cancer. The asbestos-containing materials are not considered harmful unless the asbestos is released into the air where animals and humans can inhale it.

The asbestos-containing materials may include ceiling tiles, undamaged laboratory counter chips, siding shingles, fire doors, etc. The asbestos will not release unless these materials are not damaged in some way.  This substance is used widely in construction. This is why, if many decades older constructions that show signs of some damage, it must be demolished and contaminated soil and fallen debris must be removed. It must be happened when it is confirmed that the soil is contaminated with asbestos and other chemicals.

Effects of contaminated soil

As the trees and plants come in direct contact with the contaminated soil, they are vigorously affected by the contaminated soil. Instead of getting nutrients, the roots are forced to take up the chemicals from the contaminated soil. As a result, the animals that eat a plant grown in the contaminated soil will be negatively affected by the contaminated soil. Likewise, humans who eat food obtained from contaminated soil will negatively affect their health.

How do you know you have contaminated soil?

It is a common concern whether you have contaminated soil or not. So, when you are working on a site where there has been demolition, it is advised to get the soil tested for contaminants. However, in many cases, there are obvious chances of contaminated soil. For instance, if you start to excavate the old warehouse materials, you need to stop the excavation work and get the soil tested by a qualified soil tester.

The potential chemicals and pollutants can cause harm to workers and surrounding areas. Likewise, if you are working in an area used for a manufacturing hub, airport, or military base, get the soil tested before starting any construction work. These areas have already been proven to the contaminated soils due to chemicals used for years.

How does asbestos-contaminated soil removal work?

The asbestos-contaminated soil removal in Washington is entirely carried out by the professional contaminated soil removal company.

Soil testing

If you suspect any contamination on the site, the entire area must be checked for soil contamination. The soil is tested by a professional soil tester for contamination. It ensures the proper detection of the contaminated soil in the entire area, so that it can be removed at one time.

Contaminated soil removal

Once it is confirmed that the soil is contaminated, the trained removalist starts to remove the contaminated soil and materials. The trained removalists are licensed professionals and specialized in the removal and processing of contaminated soil. The entire removal process is planned beforehand. Professionals bring the equipment and heavy machinery to execute the planning to remove the contaminated soil.

Contaminated soil processing externally

Like removing the contaminated soil and various materials is significant, it is also important to transfer the soil to the treatment center. The contaminated soil removalists will take care of this work. Some contaminated soil can be treated and re-used, while some contaminated soil is dumped safely away from other materials to avoid any spread.

How longer the contaminated soil removal take?

The contaminated soil removal depends on how long the excavation work will continue. The removal work can be completed faster in a smaller area. However, if there is a bigger area, extensive excavation is needed, which can take time. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared for at least five days.

Is contaminated excavation work safe?

The licensed and highly trained removalists handle the contaminated soil excavation work. They take all precautionary measures and use the right techniques to remove the contaminated soil. Likewise, they use heavy equipment and machinery for safer and faster excavation work. Hence, approach the company that works in asbestos-contaminated soil removal Washington.


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