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The seeming obsession with crop tops 


If you’ve been keeping up with all the fashion trends in the last two years, you will know that crop tops are topping the charts in the ladies of the middle age closets although they’ve been on the market since the 1980s, it went on and off, but now it seems like it’s here to stay. 


Why is this, you would ask?

   As casual as they may seem, Sleeveless Crop tops give off a chic and sometimes sassy look giving off the correct fashion statement. 

    They are short-sleeved garments cut halfway so that they show the stomach. 

     You can also turn a regular tee shirt into a crop top by simply knotting it in the middle, so your belly shows. 


   Are crop tops inappropriate?

 Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and the naysayers are never left out when it comes to fashion. Not every woman likes to show some skin, and when they see someone close to them putting on a crop top, they choose to speak on it, whether their opinions are valid or not.

But the choice is always yours; you should wear what you’re comfortable in and what suits you, it’s your life and your body, whatever you choose to adorn yourself with is nobody’s business. If you’re a mum and your 13-year-old daughter would like a crop top, whether you buy it for her or not, eventually she will be out of your house, and she will put it on. It’s not about being inappropriate more than being or looking glamorous; the sooner we get this, the better. 

 Not all crop tops stop at the midriff, some just go a little over the navel, and there’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin.


Why does every teenager want to own a crop top?

We’re all about fashion, aren’t we? So what’s the harm in going for what is trending, right?   Crop tops are easy to love with their casualness, giving a cute look. You could never be in a bad dressing mood with a crop top, trust me. It gives you this soft feminine look and is attractive, making you feel confident.

  Different styles of crop tops

Sleeveless crop tops 

    They have one or no sleeves at all, and they cling to every curve and swell of your bust. They can have a low neckline or even come in tubes, whatever your style. You can wear them with a bodycon pencil skirt, jean trousers with heels or ankle-length boots to a night party, a hang out with friends, or even on a date. It goes either way. 


Mock neck crop top 

   These tops usually come in either long or short sleeves with part of your neck covered.

   But you could also get a mock neck crop tops if you are not like sleeves all the time, and you also do not want your collarbone out in the open. They come in different materials like cotton, cashmere, lace, and even silk.

   Crop tops look good when blended with mum or baggy jeans, high-waisted trousers or skirts, palazzo trousers, flare skirts, and bum shorts.


 Can I wear a crop top with my bloated belly?

  No, girl, that is not a good look. Not to body shame you or whatever, but this is an outfit that speaks about confidence and looks  If having a fleshy tummy is just a norm for you, though, no worries, you can get the crop tops that are flare and aren’t so short to the midriff, but it is enough to show just a little skin. 


 Do men wear crop tops?

Yes, but not generally. Sometimes, men wear tee shirts and knot them in music videos or shoot movies at the midriff. But in real life, if you come across a man wearing a crop top, it is just for show.

If you’ve gotten to this point in this article and you don’t own a crop top, no worries. If you’re looking to get one, you will find one that suits your style and persona. Just walk into any store around you or, better still, check clothing websites, and you’re good to go.



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