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Meta Description – AA medallions are priceless and valuable medallions from Alcoholic Anonymous. They are used mostly as gifts for persons in the fight against the addiction to alcohol and narcotics. Where can you get a variety of AA medallions?

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While the journey to recovery can begin in an instance, we know that it lasts for a lifetime. When taking such a journey through the 12 step recovery program and then moving forward with life, carrying a recovery coin or recovery medallion can often give one great strength. That is what the AA medallions (coin) was originally given for.

Sister Ignatia – The First AA Coin

Sister Ignatia gave out the first “AA 12 Step medallions” when men were leaving their five day dry out and instructed them that the acceptance of such a medallion signified commitment to God, AA, and to recovery. Since then the traditions of AA chips, AA coins, AA medallions, and 12-step recovery medallions has varied from that of the onset of the journey, to celebrating ones recovery birthday, as well as remembering that you have Angels helping and watching you.

Today, the significance of the AA medallions and recovery coins still stands strong and we encourage you to use that significance to strengthen your commitment and connection to the 12 step recovery process.

At ChoicesGifts, we are happy to offer you a wide variety of AA medallions, coins and tokens.  Our selection of medallions consists of all colors, styles and years.  We offer specialty AA coins to help celebrate any sobriety anniversary including days, months and yearly celebrations. We are a renowned AA medallion store at your service!

Celebrating recovery with medallions is a time honored tradition in recovery.  It helps us as a competent AA medallion store remember that we have the spirit of the program with us, in our pocket, as a sign up support, anytime we need it.   Its also a great way to celebrate each other and support recovery by giving a medallion.

AA Medallion Glow in Dark Pink Trans Crystals Bling Sobriety Chip (Yrs 1-50)

$ 21.95

Brand New! Swarovski Crystal Medallion with 21 gorgeous genuine Swarovski Crystals!

To see the GLOW effect, take the coin out of the pouch, put it up to a light bulb (it can touch the lightbulb) hold for 10 seconds and watch it GLOW!  

This gorgeous tricolor enamel AA medallion features the time-honored Twelve Step program phrase “To Thine Own Self Be True,” with the anniversary year and “Unity, Service, Recovery” on one side, and the Serenity prayer on the other. 38mm round, gold plated red coin.

Note: Comes with velvet pouch.

AA Medallion Glitter Lavender w AB White Crystal Bling Sobriety Chip (Yrs 1-60)

$ 21.95

This gorgeous tricolor enamel medallion features the time-honored Twelve Step program phrase “To Thine Own Self Be True,” with the anniversary year and “Unity, Service, Recovery” on one side, and the Serenity prayer on the other.  Hand made with Swarovski Crystals!!   Gorgeous! This also comes with a velvet pouch.

If you have been looking for a place to get quality and valuable medallions (especially as precious gifts for your loved ones), search no more! ChoicesGifts is the  ace for you to get  AA medallions of all kinds. At ChoicesGifts, you are “spoilt” with AA bling medallions of the highest artistry and aesthetics. At ChoicesGifts, they have collections created back in 1990; their AA medallions especially dates back to that time.

When you are looking for the highest pieces of artistry and quality in medallions, it has to, be pieces of ingenious creations. At ChoicesGifts, they applied the principals of Narcotics Anonymous products to curate their brand of AA medallions. It is not very often that you find variety in colors and designs of crystal bling medallions, but they give you this at ChoicesGifts; they have many colors, designs and attributes peculiar to their AA medallions collections.

Since the AA program is to support those suffering from Alcohol addiction in their recovery journey, ChoicesGifts is proud to give its commitment to it! The act of giving medallions is a long honored tradition in recovery programs, especially AA ones. This act is geared towards supporting one another in the recovery program – to commemorate clean/sobriety time. ChoicesGifts offers some amazing crystal bling AA medallions at good prices. When it comes to AA medallions, your best bet is ChoicesGifts; quality in variety. Many persons have patronized them and have all given wonderful reviews. How do you want your AA medallions? Bling, artistic, colorful, all are available at ChoicesGifts.


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