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The Essential Guide To Types of Wines Available


Tones of a variety of wine bottles adorned on the shelves in the wine shop can overwhelm anyone, especially if you are new and looking forward to trying for the very first time. There are hundreds of grapes varieties available globally, resulting in the sheer variety of wine production. This essential guide will give you insight into general wine types to help you shop the best wine online alcohol shop in Pico Rivera. Ready to discover different wine types!

Red Wine

It is one of the most popular wine types that is defined by its dark red color, brooding flavors, and tannins. It is sourced from the dark-skinned grape varieties fermented with their skins to give rich and unique flavors, colors, acidity, and tannin levels. Red wine can vary in colors from opaque purple to soft ruby and deep garnet color.

Red wines are usually higher in tannin levels, which give a sensational experience on the palate. Likewise, red wines are slightly acidic and give a refreshing mouthfeel. The Oak barrel aging process gives red wine a cedar, chocolate, and coffee aroma and flavor. The oldest red wines from France and Italy have earthy aromas and wet leaves, while the latest wines from countries like the USA and New Zealand are fruitier with an earthy aroma.

White Wine

It is the second-most popular wine type worldwide and is considered best to serve in lavish evening parties. White wine is obtained by fermenting green-skinned grape varieties and sometimes from black grapes by removing the skins off the grape before starting its fermentation. The white wine usually appears clear with a golden-yellow tint and contains minimal to no tannins. It tastes dry or sweet with lemon, apple, quince, grapefruit, and peach flavor.

The white wine can be paired with seafood dishes like crab and shrimp. Some popular white grape varietal wines include Sauvignon, blanc, riesling, and chardonnay.

Rose wine

Rose wine is prepared from red wine grape varietals by squashing the grape juice with grape skins for a few hours. A few hours of contact with the grape skin give the wine light pink color. These amazing wine types can be dry, sweet, and sparking. Most rose wines are meant to be drunk early, while some rose sparkling wines can age 30 to 40 years.

Rose wines can appear from blush pink to translucent pink color and contain low tannins. They offer dominant red fruit flavors with subtle citrus and floral notes. You can pair rose wine with chicken, lamb, duck, veggie skewers, soft cheese, and salmon.

Sparkling wine

This wine contains a significant level of carbon dioxide to make it fizzy, originated come from France. It is produced by fermenting the wine twice, and it is produced by two methods: the traditional method and the Charmat method. In the traditional method, the fermentation takes place in the bottle, whereas in the Charmat method, the wine is fermented in the pressured tanks. The fermenting of the sparkling wine twice gives distinct characteristics.

Sparkling wine can be rose, red, and red color. It contains low tannin levels and moderates to higher acidity.

Since sparkling wines are produced from different grape varieties and fermented twice, they have a distinct citric flavor. Wine lovers can pair sparkling wines with seafood, cheese, and fruit desserts.

Dessert wine

This wine is made by partially fermented grape juice to retain the sugar residue, giving the wine a sweet flavor. It is served in a compact and small-size wine glass at room temperature. The dessert wine can be a rose, red, and white, with moderate to low tannins. It has approx 1% acidity to balance its sweet flavor. The sweet red wines have a strong fruit flavor, while sweet white wines are nutty and floral. Icewine and fortified wines are some popular dessert wines.

The final take 

The wine comes expensive. Therefore, knowing what you want is essential before you shop kraft liquor online in California. Explore the different wine brands and flavors and figure out the best wine type for you. You can get assistance from the liquor shop, where you find people having insight knowledge about wine types and their distinct characteristics. Hence, find the reputed Alcohol Shop in Pico Rivera for buying the best wine.


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