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The Comprehensive Window Curtains Buyer Guide

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Millions of people worldwide use window curtains. The primary purpose of installing the window curtains is to block out outside light. However, they have other uses as well. For instance, they add décor to any room if selected wisely. They can be either purely functional or decorative, depending on your personal preferences.

There are plenty of different curtain types that offer functionally as well as add aesthetic to your space. It would be best if you determine what exactly you are looking for. Below we have shared different types of window curtains to help you narrow down your search and determine the right custom window curtains in Saint Monica.

  • Single panel– It features one panel that covers the entire window. The panel can be pulled on either side to open and tie back to close to create a contemporary window treatment look. These types of window curtains are used in decorative settings. Also, they are installed when the window size is smaller.
  • Panel pair– These curtains consist of two separate curtain panels. This type of curtain is usually considered when the window is quite wider. Having a panel pair, you can easily pull each curtain panel and tie it back to create a perfectly symmetrical look.
  • Valance– It is a short curtain that comfortably hangs at the top of the window curtains. Valance is generally used as an optional decorative piece. These types of curtains are available separately to give a complete look to your window treatment. You can use valance as a decorative addition where full curtains are not required.
  • Widow tier– These curtains are used in the kitchen area where you need privacy and allow outside light to let in. The window tier conceals the bottom area of the window, and the top of the window remains uncovered.
  • Window scarf– It is somewhere similar to window valance. It features a long and thin piece of fabric that hangs from the top of the window. They are used to create a dramatic look to your space, especially the living room.
  • Liner– It is another option add-on to the window curtains, which provides added versatility to your space. You can use a liner for your sheer curtains as it gives you more privacy without distracting the stunning design of your sheer curtain. Curtain liners are also great at noise blocking and increase insulation to your interior space.

Choose the right material for the window curtains

Material is an important factor when selecting window curtains. The curtain materials serve different purposes, depending on the material you choose according to your preference. For instance, thinner materials are used to create sheer and semi-sheer curtains, while thicker materials are used to create blackout and semi-opaque curtains.

The curtain materials also process additional features. For instance, cotton is a semi-sheer material that lets in plenty of light, providing you a moderate level of privacy. The best thing is cotton can be layered with various fabrics to get a complete look.

Linen is another popular material for curtains. They are a bit heavier and let in a moderate amount of light. They come a bit expensive than other options, but they create a majestic appearance in your space.

Many homeowners are fond of using curtains made of velvet because they add more privacy and reduce outside noise. Velvet curtains are heavier and consider a popular choice for the bedrooms. However, if you are looking for class and contemporary curtains, silk is the popular choice. They are semi-sheer and may let in a limited amount of light. However, you may require professional help for cleaning silk curtains.

Why approach window treatment experts?

Like plenty of different types of window curtain styles and numerous fabric options available, you are not bound to choose from the limited options. In short, you can go through as many options as you can before finalizing anyone. But there is a possibility of getting in a dilemma after going through all options. In that case, you can have words with your window treatment experts.

The window treatment experts will take note of everything you explain to them. They will use their experience, consider your existing home décor, and finally give you the right suggestions that work for your space, enhancing the aesthetic of your space.

In fact, window treatment experts will assist you in choosing other widow treatment options like shutters in Oxnard, Oak Park. Hence, approach the window treatment experts to get the perfect window treatment installed at your place.







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