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T-shirt & Apparel Printing in Maine

t-shirt and apparel printing

If you live in Maine or neighboring states, you may have missed the best deals in t-shirt and apparel printing very close to you. But stay tuned, I’ll be revealing the secret as we go along in this article.

There are several methods involved with t-shirt & apparel printing. Before designing your tees, you’ll need to confirm what printing method is best for you. This is because not all printing methods can be used on all fabrics.

So you’ll need to know what printing methods are best for each apparel you get. If you sell custom tees or you’re starting your t-shirt & apparel printing company, knowing how to meet your client’s request will be beneficial for you and your business.

T-shirt and Apparel Methods

Some of the methods involved in t-shirt & apparel printing are:

1. Screen Printing

This is the most common t-shirt & apparel printing method available. It has been in existence for the longest time and recently, it’s now done with machines. It uses a stencil and nylon mesh to work.

The screen printing ink is usually thicker than most inks used in other t-shirt printing methods. This makes the print last longer, producing vibrant colors. Screen printing is also best for massive orders of about 200-500 t-shirts. So if you need a cost-effective t-shirt print, then screen printing is your best option.

2. Direct to Garment Printing

This is another popular t-shirt & apparel printing method available. It’s easy to use but requires skill and knowledge to print high-quality, photographic prints on t-shirts. This printing method is best for artwork or designs that may seem difficult for other printing methods.

Direct to garment printing machines has a good color mixing potential that allows them to print even the slightest detail on a design. It’s used for bulk print but not as much as screen printing just 1-5 t-shirts can be printed with this method.

3. Dye – Sublimation Printing

This printing method works best on light fabrics or t-shirts. It’s quite expensive but if done by experts turns out really nice. It’s also best for polyester t-shirts with little designs but doesn’t go well with cotton fabrics.

It works with a special kind of dye which is in liquid form. Once the liquid touches the fabric, it dries up and thickens on the fabric. After this, heat is applied to the fabric for the sublimation process to occur thereby allowing the fabric molecules to turn to gas.

4. Vinyl Cutting Printing

This printing method is done by using soft fabrics cut into the desired design of your clients. The cut fabrics are then placed on the shirt using the heat-pressed method. This method can be used to print a one-time design that can be reproduced eventually in large numbers.

It’s usually regarded as the best alternative for printing several fabrics in large numbers. You can also get to print different colors of designs with this method. However, some letters can’t be printed with this method although the shirts printed from these methods are strong and lasting.

5. The Plastisol Transfer Printing

This printing method is quite similar to screen printing; its only difference is that the artwork or design involved will be an ink-jet print on a plastisol first.

Once that’s done, then it’ll be transferred on paper. The paper with the design on it will be heat-pressed on the t-shirt. This is one printing method that allows t-shirt entrepreneurs to outsource part of their business if they intend to.

Some companies specialize in printing your design on quality plastisol paper and have them brought to you. Once you’ve received the plastisol papers, then you could apply them (your designs) on your tees using the heat press.

Where to Get Good T-shirt and Apparel Printing

Several companies offer t-shirt & apparel printing services. However, chances are it may cost you some dollars above your budget. While other printing companies may not give you the entire design you need.

With many persons coming to appreciate good custom t-shirts, it’s necessary you get your printing done from a credible company. For residents of Maine and beyond, Graphic Explosion is your best bet. Yes, secret revealed.

With their expertise and years of experience, you’re sure to get the best t-shirt & apparel printing at the best price.


Expressing your style and personality has become much easier and affordable with custom tees made available in almost all stores. This doesn’t negate the many printing companies available. However, if you need quality prints with great prices, then we’re just one call away.


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