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Steps to Safely Use Folder Gluers

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Folding carton gluer machines are of great benefit to numerous packaging companies. Not only do they increase productivity, but they also minimize the time needed to perform several tasks. These may be used on various materials, including plastics, corrugated boards, and solid boards. These are of great help in taking flat blanks and creating straight-line cartons.

These machines use a number of tools – guides, rotary hooks, hot-melt adhesive, which might lead to damage or injury to the user if the operator is not trained properly in using the machine.

Furthermore, the machines may break down due to any reason. So, how does one prevent such issues? How does one safely use the signature folder gluers?

Set-up and installation

After selecting the appropriate machine, finding a perfect space for placing the gluer machine is necessary. Before purchasing the gluer machine, install the air and electrical connections to ensure that they will be easily accessible later. Setting up the basic connections before the machine arrives will offer the operators more time to learn extra instructions for better results.

Operator Training

Training the operators on the proper use of gluer machines is one of the most crucial steps in the process. Generally, one week of training is recommended before using the machine. However, the training period may vary depending on various factors – experience and expertise of the operator, complexity of the machine, and familiarity of the operator with similar products.

The operator needs to be fully aware of the working of the machine. For this, the trainer may have to demonstrate the operation of the signature folder gluers using various blanks so that the employee understands the process and knows how to handle any situation that arises.

From jogging of blanks to the pinch points, transfer points, belt tension, and folding options, each step must be covered during the training. Significantly, every employee who’s responsible for operating the gluer machines must possess the apt knowledge and understanding of the machine.

Additionally, the employees must also be taught about the alternative methods of setting up folder gluers, maintenance procedures, changing bearings on the machine, and adjusting carrier belt tension.

By ensuring that the employees are trained excellently, the company can save both cost and downtime.

Auxiliary equipment (optional)

This is often purchased with international folder gluers. Some companies also invest in glue systems, quality-control barcode systems, camera systems, and case-packing and feeding systems. Please note that all these types of equipment require proper training as well, before operations.

  • A Glue system ensures consistency among the products produced.
  • The implementation of a bar code system prevents the mixing of cartons that have the same profile but different stock-keeping units (SKUs).
  • Camera technology can be used to determine where to place the tags.
  • RFID or Sensormatic tags can also be used to incorporate security.
  • An ejection system is of great help in removing defective cartons. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Another great auxiliary equipment that the companies must invest in is an automatic feeder. This produces more than 100,000 cartons in an hour. This increases the workflow and the productivity of the workers.

With so many options available today, companies must be aware of their requirements. It is best to invest in folding carton gluer machines in conjunction with the necessary auxiliary equipment. It is fine even if one doesn’t want to purchase additional machines/systems.

This blog was focused on guiding you through the necessary steps for safely installing and using the folder gluers. Understand that the training specifics must and should be determined before you purchase the gluer machine. This will smooth the entire process and save you from various struggles.

Besides, it is always a wise idea to invest in high-quality machines suitable for your business.


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