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Some Reasons Why You Need A Handheld Shower Filter


Whenever one thinks of the use of filtered water, only two things come to mind, whether to use it for drinking or for preparing food and rarely consider its benefits for hair or skin.

Installing a handheld shower filter in the bathroom may look like going overboard with precaution, but the advantage of this fact is that your skin and hair can benefit substantially from the pampering effect of the handheld shower filter. Filter handheld showers are the latest trend for personal health and holistic medicine. Today’s generation is more educated and concerned about bathing water as it greatly impacts their health.

Choose the Best Handheld Shower Filter

While purchasing the best shower filter, look for advanced filter technology. It has a good flow rate and removes over 200 plus contaminants. It is 40-50 times faster than others to remove contaminants. It also helps to improve the taste and odor. It will also clear the third-party test comfortably. It is easy for water filter manufacturers to make claims. But you can see third-party lab results from any certified lab, and then you can buy a handheld shower filter.

Does The Handheld Shower Filter Really Provide Healthy Skin?

Chlorine in water causes dryness in the skin and will cause agitation. Taking a bath in chlorinated water can cause dryness, redness, and lightheadedness, especially if you have sensitive skin. A handheld shower filter reduces chlorine levels to 90 percent, targeting chloramine and other similar harsh chemicals. By filtering chemicals with your shower water, the handheld shower filter provides you with a comfortable, relaxing bath. After weeks of using a handheld shower filter, you will notice that your skin and health have improved significantly.

Use A Handheld Shower Filter For Better Hair

The chemicals in the shower water agitate not only your skin but also your hair. Chlorine is a drying agent; public water can damage your hair, making it lame and frizzy. If you keep dyeing your hair, it means chlorine actively removes color, especially if you bathe in warm water. The combination of warm water and chlorine removes the dye color comfortably. Use a handheld shower filter to avoid this issue.


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