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Some Floor Coating Removal Myths You Need to Know


Some floor coatings are extremely long-lasting and are guaranteed to last for years and years of regular use. When the duty is to supply excellent removal services, I’ve heard numerous horrifying accounts of costly complications that have occurred while completing this seemingly straightforward work. Like many seasoned contractors, I learned coating removal the hard way, and when I tell you the hard way, I mean it.

There are numerous misconceptions and falsehoods around the broad term “coating removal.” A contractor can lose money by underestimating a work, but they can also lose the bid if they pad the bid for too many unknowns. One of the illusions is that you know everything there is to know about coating removal. I have personally heard far too many stories to the contrary from some of the industry’s most top operators.

Many innovative innovations in equipment and tools are constantly being developed. Keeping up with emerging technologies may provide a significant competitive advantage. A word of warning: some tools serve specific purposes, and their actual worth may not be apparent on every work. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tool, and if you only have a few special tools in your toolbox, you may be at a competitive disadvantage.

Understand the tips on floor coating removal and concrete coating removal in Florida.

  1. Never bother about what is to be done with the floor once an old coating has been removed.

In my early days in this field, I was often reminded that I was either removing a coating or preparing for a new one. Consider the big picture. You gain nothing if you save time on coating removal but harm the substrate in the process, resulting in extra effort on surface prep for the new coating.

  1. Whether wet or dry, it makes no difference to the tooling.

Dust management is a critical aspect of the process, and many contractors equip their vehicles with dry vacuums rather than being prepared for wet grinding steps. This can be an expensive mistake when rendering coating removal services. When working with thick sticky coatings and carbide scrapers, it is OK to run the machine dry to reduce the mess to clean up. You may need to elevate the dust skirt on some coatings to prevent the sticky material from packing under the machine head. If it’s particularly gummy, you can use fine sand to adhere to and ball up the tacky coating instead of smearing it. Grinding speeds for diamond grinding steps can be increased by changing the disk speed or adding water, just enough water to create a slurry paste to help keep the diamonds cool and increase the abrasiveness on the tool to open up expose new sharp diamond crystals.

Some acrylic sealers burn at temperatures lower than those reached by dry grinding. It has the potential to glaze over the tool face and leave black splotches on the floor surface. Adding a little water to keep the acrylic cool will significantly improve the tool’s efficiency.


  1. A nice test patch on the floor will reveal the entire tale, with no surprises.

It never ceases to amaze me how many times contractors execute a test patch to bid the job on a cold day and then perform the work on a scorching hot day, with the qualities of the coating altering dramatically depending on the temperature. I’ve also seen sites with different coatings that look comparable on separate portions of the slab. The coating used to mark forklift traffic may be completely different from that used to designate pedestrian pathways.

Another factor to consider is that the machine, tool, and operator who executed the test patch may not be the same when the work is completed. Contingency plans should be included in the planning process.


There are other additional fallacies that we constantly encounter. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions of the technical support staff at your diamond tooling supplier so that you understand entirely the tooling you chose for the machine you’re using. Consider evaluating other tooling options on a job to determine whether your initial bid method is the best solution for the job at hand. Never assume that two occupations are identical.

Concrete coating removal in Florida is never a smooth job due to blistering and often fluctuating temperatures, but if I can do it, you can do it. Take these tips and get better at it!


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