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Sober Living Houses Important Things That You Should Know


Sober living homes offer support and safety to drug-addicted people. The main aim of these houses is to help people recover from alcohol and drug abuse. Therefore, sober houses help people live a better life again. Today, due to several life transitions, many people are becoming addicted to substance abuse. They see alcohol and drugs as the only way to cope with depression and anxiety. But the reality is far away from this.

Alcohol and drug addiction deteriorates the internal organs of the body and acts as a slow poison. Reaching such a stage of addiction, it becomes almost impossible for a person to give up taking alcohol or drugs on his own. In such cases, going to sober living houses are the best option. Many people search for “sober living houses near me,” to get rid of their addiction.

Recovery houses or halfway houses are other names of sober living homes. These are the residencies where the drug-addicted people live together to recover themselves from the addiction. People who live here agree to remain sober during the time of their stay. An important thing to note here is that sober living homes are not rehabilitation centers. Therefore, the staff here does not provide any medicinal and clinical services.

Benefits Of Sober Houses After Drug Rehabilitation Program

Many people search for the best sober living homes after they complete their drug rehab program. The sober house lets them implement whatever they have learned in the drug rehabilitation center. The most significant benefit of such types of homes is that they provide a familiar environment to the people. Many people cannot adjust to visiting directly to their home after the rehab center. In such cases, sober houses are also the best option.

Benefits Of Sober Living Houses During Outpatient Drug Treatment

Many people who are familiar with sober living homes may consider them as post-rehabilitation centers. But the sober homes can also be excellent choices for people going through outpatient drug treatments.

The sober houses keep the distraction to a minimum to get the maximum benefit of the rehabilitation program. Also, there are significantly fewer chances of a person to skip the recovery treatment.

Sober Houses Help Eliminate Risks

Substance abuse changes the way your brain cells work. Thus, it becomes hard for the drug addict patient to control the urge to take alcohol or drugs. Researchers researched in Berlin regarding this. Their study found that the people who relapsed to use alcohol or drugs had a tissue loss in a specific portion of their brain that regulates behavior and emotional control. Due to this damage in their brain tissues, they could not stop taking more alcohol and drugs. Whenever they found the substance near them, they could not avoid taking it.

Sober homes can help such patients because such types of substances are banned in these premises. Due to this, the damaged brain tissues heal fast at sober living houses.

Sober Living Homes Help Reduce Loneliness

After the completion of drug rehabilitation therapy, the person may feel lonely. That’s why it is suggested to live in the sober house for some time after taking drug rehabilitation therapy. This is because, in sober homes, all drug-addicted people come to heal themselves from addiction. This creates a friendly environment for all people living there.

Rules And Regulations Of Sober Homes

Some summon rules and regulations of the best sober living homes are as follows:

  • The intake of drugs and alcohol is permitted at sober houses. However, there are exceptions for medicinal drugs like antidepressants as per the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Residents have to participate in daily household chores and weekly meetings.
  • The residents have to sleep at the sober living houses for at least five nights a week, with a few exceptions for traveling.
  • Residents are also prohibited from having overnight guests.
  • The sober house residents cannot keep pets (except if the sober house permits them to do so).
  • Residents have to pay expenses for their living at sober homes.
  • The residents at the sober living homes have to respect home staff and other housemates.

These are some of the rules that every person has to follow in sober houses. However, the rules may vary with different sober homes.

Is Sober Living House The Right Decision For Me?

Many people have benefitted from sober living houses. Therefore, it is an excellent decision to live in such dwellings after completing your drug rehabilitation program. But we recommend you not to take this decision alone. You should consult other members of your family about this.


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