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Six Good Reasons to Remove Tree Stump

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The full-grown lush-green tree adds value to the property and provides plenty of incredible benefits to the residents out there. But unfortunately, because some reasons, residents decide to remove the tree. Removing a tree can be done successfully, but what about an ugly tree stump. Many people believe that removing the tree stump is not necessary while cutting the tree. But the fact is if you are removing the tree; make sure you also remove the tree stump with the help of stump removal service in Michigan. Leaving the tree stump as it is can cause damage to your home and lawn.

Below are some key reasons to also remove tree stumps;

  • Stumps keep growing– Tree stump roots keep on growing even though you have cut down the tree. That means growing stumps can cause damage to your home’s foundation and damage utility lines and pipes underneath your home.
  • Stump attracts pest– Tree stumps start to attract pests like termites and ants. These pests may spread nearby trees and plants. Also they can enter your home, leading to extensive damage to your home. It is better to entirely remove the tree stump from its roots. It is a strong reason to remove the tree stump entirely.
  • Stump affects the lawn appearance– If you want to beautify your lawn, the first thing you should do is remove the tree stump. It unnecessarily takes up the space that you can use to grow new plants and trees to boost the lawn’s appearance and property value.
  • Tree stumps are hazards– If you have pets and children at home, then it is highly recommended to get rid of the tree stump as soon as possible. While running and playing on the lawn, your children may not look at the tree stump and accidentally make contact with the stump and fall over it, causing injury.
  • They drain soil nutrients– As the stump roots begin to grow, they drain soil nutrients and nitrogen, making it difficult to grow anything close to the tree stump. So, if you want to create a garden, remove the stump and ensure good growth of the plants and grass in the garden.
  • Stump prevents lawnmower use– Tree stump and its surface roots keep growing and spreading in the lawn area. In this case, it will be very difficult to use a lawnmower. And if you cannot use the lawnmower, you will end up with an overgrown lawn that attracts pests.
  • Stump takes you lawn space– If you don’t have a big yard, you cannot afford a tree stump in your lawn. It occupies a big space that you can use for a flower bed, growing new plants, and setting up a picnic table.


There are many ways to get rid of tree stumps include;

  • Removing the tree stump using chemicals
  • Removing the stump manually
  • Burning the stump
  • Using a stump grinder
  • Call a tree stump removal professional.

Below is the method to remove tree stump manually;

If you are willing to remove your own, choose the manual tree removal method. Off-cause removing the tree stump is a labor-intensive task. But with the right techniques and methods, the task will get done successfully.

  • Firstly, you need to dig around the stump to loosen the soil around it. For this, you will have to use the broad end of the mattock.
  • Remove the loosened dirt or soil with a shovel until the stump roots do not get visible to your eyes.
  • Then sever the roots from your tree trunk using the mattock.
  • Continue to dig and chop it till you reach the taproot. Now clear the area around it using the mattock.
  • Cut the complete taproot using your ax or bow saw.
  • Once the taproot is cut, you can wiggle the stump and remove it out from the topsoil. This entire process can take a few hours.

Call tree stump removal professionals

Undoubtedly, tree stump removal is a comprehensive and labor-intensive activity. Therefore, leaving the tree stump removal task to professionals is the best approach. They will come at your preferred time carrying all equipment and tools for the best instant and quick removal. Hence, search for the reputed tree stump Removal Company that can guarantee safe, quick, complete, and stump clean up in Grand Rapids, MI.


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