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Sisyphus Table: What Should You Know About It?


According to Greek Mythology, Sisyphus was the Corinth king. Hades punished him. Sisyphus had to roll a huge stone repeatedly and take it to the peak of the hill. 

But as the stone reached the peak of the mountain, it immediately rolled down. Due to this, Sisyphus had to roll the stone a number of times. 

The same concept is used in manufacturing the Sisyphus table. In this blog, we will see different aspects related to the Sisyphus table.

Whether it is a magnetic sand coffee table, a sand drawing coffee table, or a coffee table sand art table, all follow the same Sisyphus concept. 

The Sisyphus table delivers mediative kinetic art by drawing different patterns on the sand. In short, the Sisyphus table is a combination of art and technology. You might have seen this table at art museums. 

Now, this unique table is also available for people. You can buy it and install it in your home. Bruce Shapiro gave the design of the kinetic art. He introduced the idea of kinetic art sculptures in a home environment.

Sisyphus Table: Customization Options

The Sisyphus magnetic sand coffee tables come with plenty of customization options to suit your preferences. The customers can read various types of customization options in the Sisyphus table from the company’s website.

The manufacturing company has added more than 25 tracks to the table. If we talk about customizing the base of the table, you can select the metal base. 

Generally, the Sisyphus table’s price starts from $1,899 for the coffee table and $1,299 for the side table. This is the approximate price.

The Driving Force 

There is a fine layer of sand below the glass top of every sand drawing coffee table. Below the surface on which the sand is laid, there are two motors and a hand-built robot—the manufacturing company named this robot, Sisbot. 

The aim of this robot is to control the magnet. By controlling the magnet, the robot controls the movement of the metal ball inside the Sisyphus coffee sand art table

The manufacturing company has programmed the path for the movement of the metal ball via polar coordinates.

The motors that the table has are stepper motors. Stepper motors have high precision. Due to this reason, the company has installed these motors in the Sisyphus sand drawing coffee table

The table is available in different sizes, from small to large. The stepper motors are suitable for the smaller versions of the table. So, what about the larger Sisyphus tables? Do they also operate with the same stepper motor? 

The answer is no. For larger tables, the company has installed servo motors. Servo motors are also famous for a high degree of precision and accuracy. 

These motors have been used in different automation engineering applications for long years. Because in bigger tables, the metal balls have to cover a large area, servo motors are the ideal choice here.

The Kinetic Playlist

The Sisyphus magnetic sand coffee table comes with 25 pre-programmed tracks of different pathways that create multiple sand patterns on the table. This is just like playing different songs in a playlist. 

The table does not have any ON or OFF buttons. It keeps working immediately after you give it a power supply. The manufacturing company has provided the facility to control the playlist of kinetic art using a web browser or a Wi-Fi connection.

The company also has its own app for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app has different customized lists, which you can select easily. 

Besides this, the app also provides the users with a facility to change the speed of the moving ball, color patterns, brightness, and play or pause the kinetic art, etc.

Fast Setup

If you think it is not easy to set up this kinetic coffee sand art table, let us tell you that the manufacturer has made the setup process a cakewalk for the users. 

You just have to download the official app of the company to set up the Sisyphus table. After downloading the app, you have to power ON the table and connect it with the app. You are done. That’s it.

Should You Buy a Sisyphus Magnetic Sand Coffee Table?

Well, the answer to this question depends on you. The table is expensive. But it definitely increases the beauty of your interiors once you install it in your home. 

Moreover, the table brings the art of the museum to your house. Therefore, if you are an art lover, you can buy Sisyphus tables.


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