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Should you buy synthetic wigs online? Let’s find out


Have you ever considered if synthetic wigs are a good fit for you? Or why are there so many more synthetic wig selections than human hair wigs? I’m here to answer those and other questions.

Many wig wearers gravitate toward synthetic hair, and while there are a number of factors that make synthetic hair more appealing and accessible, let’s look at the top three. Make sure to go through them before you buy long hair synthetic wigs online.

  1. Synthetic hair resembles real hair in appearance and feel

The days of gleaming, plastic doll-like synthetic hair are over! Synthetic hair has come a long way because of advancements in manufacturing technologies. These days, all synthetic wigs are of great quality, which means the colors and fibers have been carefully created, manufactured, and combined to appear and feel like real hair.

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To be a little more technical, synthetic hair comes in a variety of deniers. The thickness of each strand is measured in deniers. A synthetic fiber used to have a significantly thicker denier, which gave it a bulky, artificial appearance. Brands are now utilizing a finer proprietary denier that, when viewed under a microscope, appears and performs just like human hair. This is why there is demand for short hair synthetic wigs for women online.

When synthetic hair is very new, it may appear shinier than human hair, but don’t worry. That sheen will fade over time.

  1. Synthetic hair comes in a wider range of colors.

Synthetic wigs are formed from fiber that is manufactured in a factory, allowing them to be fabricated in practically any color. That’s why there are far more color possibilities for synthetic wigs online than there are for human hair wigs.

Keep in mind that most natural wigs are made with Chinese or Indian human hair, which is inherently dark when purchased. Yes, they lighten and color it, and manufacturing has progressed in terms of having options like a rooted look and highlights, but human hair is primarily one color and can appear flat at times. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, come in a wide range of color options, including rooted, tipped, highlighted, lowlighted, foiled, gradient, and more.

Did you know that gray-colored human hair is difficult to come by? Although you may have seen some grey human hair wigs, 99 percent of the time, the grey strands are not 100 percent human hair. To get the grey effect, some brands use yak, heat-friendly synthetic, or even just synthetic fibers. A 100 percent synthetic wig gives you a far wider range of grey tones to choose from, allowing you to match your real hair color or even go with something you wish was natural. So, if you haven’t already, consider buying synthetic wigs online.

  1. Synthetic hair maintains its style and form regardless of the weather.

This is a ridiculous reason, but it’s real! Synthetic hair maintains its style in all weather conditions, including rain and shine, as well as after cleaning the wig or hairpiece. When you have an outdoor function in humid conditions, you can be confident that your synthetic wig will not fall flat as actual hair would.

A standard, non-heat-friendly wig can be damaged if it is brought too close to heat or simply by the heat generated by opening an oven door (which can reach 400 degrees!).

You can’t use heat to change the style of a typical synthetic fiber, but don’t panic; heat-friendly fibers are plentiful and inexpensive. Heat-friendly synthetic fiber has a lower shine at first, but it can be styled with your favorite curling iron or flat iron (just make sure to keep it under 350 degrees Fahrenheit). When styling heat-friendly synthetic hair, allow the fiber to warm up for a few seconds before letting it cool down in the new curl shape. This keeps it in place until you replace it with heat again. It’s even thereafter you’ve washed it… You simply must see it to believe it!

Synthetic wigs are also less expensive than most real hair wigs, in addition to the top three advantages. Synthetic wigs typically cost less than $500 and range from $45 to 450, depending on the brand. The cost of a cap will vary depending on its manufacture and any other features, such as a lace front. So, what are you waiting for? Buy synthetic wigs online today!


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