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Residential vs. Commercial Cleaning Services in Boston


There are many different types of cleaning services available in the market. Commercial and residential cleaning services are among these services. What most people know about these cleaning services is:

Residential cleaning services are required to clean homes.

Commercial cleaning services are needed to clean offices, factories, etc.

This blog lists some differences between these two services.


The greatest difference between these two types of cleaning services is the environment that they are used to clean. Residential cleaning services are associated with a person’s home. If the person works from his home, the cleaning services still fall under the category of residential cleaning.

On the other hand, if you search for commercial cleaning services, hiring a professional to clean a corporate building, an office, or a factory.


The cleaning tools and types of equipment that cleaning companies use for cleaning commercial buildings like offices, corporate offices, etc., are more powerful and larger than those used to clean the residential buildings. One reason for this is the space difference between the residential buildings and the commercial ones. Some of the heavy-duty commercial cleaning machines include:

Advanced carpet cleaners

Commercial-grade vacuum cleaners

Commercial grade tile cleaners

Large scale safety equipment

Large scale maintenance tools and machines

High-speed buffers and scrubbers

In addition to tools and equipment, residential cleaning includes many household tasks that commercial cleaning does not have.


The time of both of these cleaning methods is also different. For instance, commercial cleaning typically occurs at night when there is no employee in the office. On the other hand, residential cleaning generally occurs on the weekends.

Price Differences

There is a huge difference in the prices of these two services. If you search for residential cleaning services in Boston, you may see the price break-up according to:

The number of cleaning services the company provided,

Whether the house is only vacuumed or thoroughly cleaned, etc.

On the other hand, if you search for commercial cleaning services in Boston, you will generally find the companies that offer package deals. These prices range from basic to advance. The customers can choose the plan according to their needs.


Many companies in Boston provide both commercials as well as residential cleaning services. But some companies deal only in either of these two services.

Come organizations also have expertise in different cleaning areas, especially or commercial cleaning. Have a look at some of these areas:

Educational area cleaning services ranging from schools to universities.

Healthcare sector cleaning services.

Corporate cleaning services during working hours in the offices.



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