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Remove Every Doubt Related to Renting Services

Best Van Rentals Company in Chicago

Renting a van is not a hard nut to crack as there are many rental services in Chicago, but choosing the best renting service could be. Today, people from all walks of life choose to rent a van for road trips, parties, weddings, and other purposes. However, they face difficulties while or after renting a van; probably, they don’t have relevant information related to rental services.

If you also have any questions about rental services or want to approach the best van rental companies in Chicago, here is the list of common doubts-

Can I drive a rented van?

Yes, you can drive a rented van; you must be over 25 years of age to drive a rented van. The liability insurance of every rental service is different, and you must check it.

Can I rent a van anywhere in the US?

Usually, van rental services rent vans anywhere in the US. Many van rental services provide free pick-up and drop-off facilities. You must check whether your rental service company provide free drop off/pick up facilities or not.

Can I get a van on demand for airport pick up?

Many rental services provide a van 24*7 for airport pick up. Also, many rental services provide vans on off days/holidays. You must check this facility in case you need a van on off-days.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

You must call 911 and get a police report; you must immediately contact your van rental company and inform them. They will guide you and help you out.

Are luxury vans available for rent?

A luxury van like Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is readily available for rent in Chicago. Similarly, you can rent a Ford Transit van and any other luxury van you want in Chicago.

There are many doubts related to renting services, but those mentioned above are the most common. You could have some more doubts related to renting a van, here is the list of the same-

  • Comfort Seating

Whether the purpose is road-trip, business meets, or music shows, comfortable seating in the rented van is necessary. It will help if you give priority to comfort while traveling in a rented van. Know what a comfortable Van includes-

  1. It may include 90 degrees, 80 or 15 degrees’ recliner seat
  2. Comfortable bench seat
  3. Enough Aisle Space

You can skip cargo space if you don’t have to travel for long distances. However, 4 to 6 feet of cargo space could be there in a rented van.

  • Entertainment

A group of 12 to 15 people may include people of all ages- kids, youngsters, and adults. A rented van must include a source of entertainment for people of all ages. For instance-

  1. A smart TV or LCD screen
  2. Xbox one
  3. DVD/Blu Ray Player
  4. Power Outlets
  5. Stereo w/Aux USB input
  • Payment Policy

The payment policy of various rental companies may vary slightly. Mainly, many rental services demand payment on the return of the vehicle. They may expect advance payment of some amount which is refundable. Many rental companies accept payment in multiple modes- cash, check, and debit/cards. It is suitable to rent a van that offers multiple payment options.

  • Maintenance Policy

There are several maintenance policies related to renting a van; for instance, if you take Mercedes Sprinter on rent in Chicago, you could have to change the oil every 10 000 miles. Usually, all the maintenance cost is reimbursable (you must check this). Similarly, you must check all the maintenance policies related to renting a van.

Renting a van involves awareness about several other policies- Insurance policies, cancellation policies, and mechanical repair policies. Checking all the related information before renting a van is a smart move to avoid any doubt


Renting a van becomes a cakewalk if you know all the information related to it. You could visit the website of various rental services to remove every doubt related to renting a van. For further information, you can contact the rental service.


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